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Which list correctly shows carbohydrates in size from smallest to largest?
a) monosaccharide, disaccharide, polysaccharide
b) disaccharide, polysaccharide, monosaccharide
c) disaccharide, monosaccharide, polysaccharide
d) polysaccharide, disaccharide, monosaccharide

Which type of macromolecule is made up of subunits that are called amino acids?
a) carbohydrate
b) lipid
c) nucleic acid
d) protein

Which substance is a nucleic acid?
a) amino acid
b) fat
c) polysaccharide
d) RNA

Which statement best describes the components of nucleic acids?
a) They are made up of chains of amino acids.
b) They are made up of nitrogen bases, sugars, and phosphates.
c) They are made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen only.
d) They are made up almost entirely of carbon and hydrogen.

Which statement correctly compares nucleic acids and carbohydrates?
a) They both contain phosphorus, but only nucleic acids contain hydrogen.
b) They both contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a 1:2:1 ratio.
c) They both contain carbon, but only carbohydrates contain oxygen.
d) They both contain carbon, but only nucleic acids contain phosphorous.

If Jarvis does not eat a diet that includes essential amino acids, his cells will not be able to build
a) nucleic acids.
b) certain proteins
c) cell membranes.
d) certain carbohydrates.

How are proteins and nucleic acids related?
a) They both provide energy.
b) They both carry genetic information.
c) The structure of proteins is determined by nucleic acids.
d) The subunits of nucleic acids are also the subunits of proteins.

Which macromolecule provides a person with most of the energy that is needed for daily activities?
a) lipids
b) carbohydrates
c) proteins
d) nucleic acids

Cellulose is found throughout the cell walls of plant cells. Cellulose makes cell walls rigid, which indicates that cellulose is a
a) Glycogen is a protein, and insulin is a lipid.
b) Glycogen is a lipid, and insulin is a protein.
c) Glycogen is a carbohydrate, and insulin is a lipid.
d) Glycogen is a carbohydrate, and insulin is a protein.

A patient has diabetes, a disease that causes high blood sugar levels. Which macromolecule will a dietician monitor most closely in a patient that has the disease?
a) carbohydrates
b) lipds
c) proteins
d) nucleic acids

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