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Which is the best definition of activation energy?
a) the energy required to end a chemical reaction
b) the energy required to bind a substrate to an active site
c) the energy required to break the bonds of reactant molecules
d) the energy required to re-form bonds in product molecules

Which statement correctly describes a chemical reaction?
a) Reactants come out of a reaction.
b) Energy is always released.
c) Bonds between atoms break and new bonds form.
d) Products go into a reaction.

Which statement best describes how a catalyst can speed up a chemical reaction?
a) The catalyst makes lower energy pathways available.
b) The catalyst increases the concentration of products.
c) The catalyst binds to enzymes to release substrates.
d) The catalyst increases the concentration of reactants.

Which factor can decrease the rate of a chemical reaction?
a) low activation energy
b) high pressure
c) high concentration of reactants
d) low pressure

If the activation energy required for a chemical reaction were reduced, what would happen to the rate of the reaction?
a) The rate would decrease.
b) The rate would increase.
c) The rate would remain the same.
d) The rate would go up and down.

Which reaction is exothermic?
a) a reaction that absorbs energy from the environment
b) a reaction that releases energy into the environment
c) a reaction that requires an activation energy
d) a reaction that does not involve a change in energy

What must happen before a chemical reaction can begin?
a) The activation energy must be exceeded.
b) The activation energy must be reached.
c) The concentrations of products and reactants must be equal.
d) The concentration of reactant molecules must be reduced.

Photosynthesis is an example of
a) a reaction that gives off heat.
b) a reaction that emits energy.
c) an exothermic reaction.
d) an endothermic reaction.

How does a catalyst work?
a) by decreasing the activation energy of a reaction
b) by increasing the temperature of a chemical reaction
c) by decreasing the pressure of a chemical reaction
d) by increasing the concentration of reactants in a reaction

Which component is affected when a catalyst is added to a chemical reaction?
a) the amount of substrate
b) the amount of product
c) the activation energy
d) the concentration of reactants

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