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Physics Unit.[print questions]

If two people are pushing on a vehicle from one end and each person is pushing with a force of 400N, what is the net force? (hint: Add)
a) 400N
b) 0N
c) 1N
d) 800N

A _________ force causes change in an object's motion. These are forces that are NOT equal. Example: Soccer player kicking a soccer ball.
a) motion
b) unbalanced
c) balanced
d) magnitude

When an objects position changes relative to another object.
a) Friction
b) Force
c) Motion
d) Acceleration

The overall force acting on an object when all the individual forces acting on it are added together.
a) Motion
b) Net Force
c) Power
d) Friction

A change in velocity due to changes in direction and speed.
a) Acceleration
b) Velocity
c) Speed

A man hits a golf ball (0.2 kg) which accelerates at a rate of 20 m/s ^ 2. What amount of force acted on the ball? (hint: Force=Mass X Acceleration)
a) 4 m
b) 4 seconds
c) 4 m/s
d) 4 N

The number of times a machine increases a force exerted on it. The ratio of output force to input force.
a) Mechanical Advantage
b) Input force
c) Output force
d) Wheel and axle

A simple machine made of a grooved wheel with a rope or cable wrapped around it.
a) Pulley
b) Lever
c) Fulcrum
d) Wheel and Axle

A machine that combines two or more simple machines.
a) Wheel and Axle
b) Compound Machine
c) Simple Machine
d) Lever

Anytime you exert a force on an object that causes the object to move some distance.
a) Joule
b) Work
c) Force
d) Weight

The most basic device for making work easier. Examples are: Inclined plane
a) Compound Machine
b) Simple Machine

What is a push or a pull exerted on an object called?
a) Joule
b) Newton
c) Force

John rides his bike 20 miles to the grocery store. It takes him 4 hours to reach his destination. What is his average speed?
a) 2 mph
b) 4 mph
c) 7 mph
d) 5 mph

Calculate the speed of a bus that travels a distance of 680 miles over a 12 hour period.
a) 66.7mph
b) 12.7mph
c) 56.7mph
d) 55.7mph

Jessie is driving to his grandma's house this weekend. If he traveled 300 miles and it took him 4.5 hours to get there, what was his average speed? (Speed=Distance/Time)
a) 40.7 mph
b) 66.7 mph
c) 60.7 mph
d) 66.7 m/s

When a spring is stretched it has ___________ energy.
a) Potential
b) Kinetic
c) Thermal

The unit of measurement for force is the _________.
a) kilogram
b) watt
c) joule
d) newton

A roller coaster going down the first big hill of a roller coaster is an example of energy going from __________ to _________.
a) kinetic to potential
b) potential to kinetic

If two people are on opposite sides of the vehicle and each person is pushing with a force of 400N, what is the net force? (hint: subtract-The forces are balanced)
a) 1N
b) 400N
c) 800N
d) 0

They cancel each other out, therefore they have no effect on motion. Ex: Students sitting in the desk-remember that gravity is pulling them down, but the desk is keeping them up, therefore they are not moving.
a) Unbalanced forces
b) Balanced forces

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