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Chapter 7.[print questions]

What was the region that England claimed, located far north of Florida, called?
a) Virginia Colony
b) Roanoke Island
c) South
d) Virginia Beach

She gave him a _____, which is a document that permits colonists to settle on land claimed by their ruler.
a) book
b) travel plans
c) folder
d) charter

Who was an English Queen who gave Sir Walter Raleigh permission to start the first English Colony in the Americas?
a) Queen Elaine
b) Queen Elizabeth
c) Mrs. Sepke
d) Princess Kate

This leader of the settlement said...He that shall not work, shall not eat.
a) John White
b) John Smith
c) Sir Walter Raleigh
d) John Rolfe

This is a share of ownership in a company.
a) profit
b) share holder
c) stock
d) cash crop

The colonists named their new settlement this name, after their king.
a) Virginia
b) Roanoke
c) Hamburg
d) Jamestown

Unknown to the colonists, this land that they chose was the Native Americans home. The Native Americans called their home by this name
a) Powhatan
b) Iroquoian
c) Tsenacomacoh
d) Whaunsonacock

Which are of water was believed to be a good place to settle near because it had goodly woods, fishing, and hunting?
a) the Hudson River area
b) the Delaware Bay area
c) the Chesapeake Bay area
d) the Schuylkill River area

What was the name of the water route he was trying to find?
a) Northern Lebanon
b) Northern Lights
c) North Bay
d) Northwest Passage

Who was the Englishman the Dutch hired to find a water route through North America to Asia? He came close.
a) Henry Hudson
b) a fisherman
c) John Rockefeller
d) George Washington

What was the name of the first settlement located off the Atlantic Coast and was thought to be safe from passing ships?
a) Delaware
b) Roanoke Island
c) Atlantic City
d) Virginia

Any ruler of the Pohatans was known by this name.
a) Chief Powhatan
b) Chief Wahunsonacock
c) Chief Tsenacomacoh
d) Chief Zalasky

This man helped make the new colony survive by planting, harvesting, and sending tobacco to England for great profits.
a) John White
b) John Smith
c) Sir Walter Raleigh
d) John Rolfe

Items grown that is sold for money is called this.
a) sustenance crop
b) share holder
c) stock
d) cash crop

This form of government made laws for the colony. Its members were white men who owned land in the colony.
a) monarchy
b) House of Representatives
c) House of Burgesses
d) democracy

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