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Applies the Currency Style to the cell contents
a) Ctrl + SHIFT + $
b) Ctrl + $
c) Ctrl + ALT + $
d) Ctrl + X

Opens the Format Cells dialog box
a) Ctrl + 1
b) Ctrl + 2
c) Ctrl + F
d) Ctrl + O

Copies a formula
a) Ctrl + C
b) Ctrl + X
c) Ctrl + V
d) Ctrl +Z

Selects cells using the keybaord
a) F8
b) F9
c) F7
d) Ctrl + C

This manually recalculates formulas
a) F9
b) F10
c) F7
d) Ctrl + V

An invalid cell reference in a formula
a) #REF!
b) ERR!
c) #DIV/O!
d) #######

Alt + Enter
a) Wraps text in a cell
b) Copies a formula
c) Applies the Currency Style
d) Selects cells using the keyboard

Spell checks a worksheet
a) F7
b) F9
c) Ctrl + S
d) Shift + S

Displays the worksheet with formulas
a) Ctrl + `
b) Ctrl + =
c) Ctrl + +
d) F4

Pastes a formula
a) Ctrl + V
b) Ctrl + P
c) Ctrl + X
d) F1

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