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A bond that is formed when atoms share one or more electrons
a) Cation
b) Covalent Bond
c) Ionic Bond
d) Anion

A covalent bond where electrons are shared unequally
a) Polar Bond
b) Anion
c) Cation
d) Non Polar Bond

These are gained or lost in ionic bonds
a) Protons
b) Protons and Electrons
c) Electrons
d) Nuetrons

A negative Ion is called
a) Cation
b) Non Polar ion
c) Polar Ion
d) Anion

A chemical bond that is created when one atom loses or gains an electron
a) Polar Bond
b) Covalent Bond
c) Ionic Bond
d) Non Polar Bond

Shows the chemical symbol surrounded by the valence electrons
a) Electron Dot Diagram
b) The Bohr Model
c) The periodic table
d) Proton dot diagram

A covalent bond where the electrons are shared equally
a) Polar Bond
b) Non Polar Bond
c) Anion Bond
d) Cation Bond

Tells you how many electrons are in an atom
a) Atomic Weight
b) Oxidation Number
c) Atomic Number
d) Atomic Mass

What is the only element that has a dot diagram that is full with 2 dots
a) Hydrogen
b) Oxygen
c) Carbon
d) Helium

How many electrons can an atom hold in it's first shell?
a) 2
b) 8
c) 6
d) 4

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