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Which character lives alone in the barn?
a) Crooks
b) Candy
c) Curley
d) Curley's wife

Crooks more than likely tells Lennie that George isn't coming back because...
a) He hates Lennie.
b) He is jealous of George and Lennie's friendship.
c) George told him he wasn't coming back.
d) George is embarrassed of Lennie.

While Crooks thinks that the idea of the future ranch is crazy, when he realizes that they have the money, what does he decide?
a) that he wants to steal their money
b) that he might get to have a place to stay in the bunkhouse
c) that he wants to go live on the ranch with them
d) that he will no longer have to deal with Lennie bothering him

Curley's wife says 'they left all the weak ones here.' According to the social hierarchy on the ranch, who is the weakest one?
a) Candy
b) Lennie
c) Curley's wife
d) Crooks

Crooks says, 'You guys comin' in and settin' made me forget. What she says is true.' What does this mean?
a) Candy and Lennie made him feel like an equal, but Curley's wife put him in his place.
b) Crooks has memory problems due to being kicked by a horse.
c) Crooks has fallen in love with Curley's wife, so he won't be joining the guys on their future ranch.
d) Crooks forgot to feed the horses, so he will most likely be fired.

At the beginning of chapter 5, what are the ranch hands doing?
a) playing poker
b) playing pool
c) playing horseshoes
d) getting ready to go into town

Why is Lennie in the barn at the beginning of chapter 5?
a) He killed Curley's wife and is trying to dispose of her body.
b) He killed his puppy.
c) He is hiding from George.
d) He killed the rabbits.

Curley's wife comes in and talks to Lennie because she is ________.
a) flirting with him
b) lonely
c) pregnant and wants to tell someone
d) running away from Curley and wants Lennie to join her

What was Curley's wife's dream?
a) to be a professional singer
b) to be an actress
c) to have children
d) to be president

What does Curley's wife say about Curley?
a) He isn't a nice guy.
b) He is the best husband a girl could ask for.
c) He makes fun of her.
d) He is having an affair.

When Lennie kills Curley's wife, he has a hold of her...
a) dress
b) hair
c) arm
d) neck

Who is the first to discover Curley's wife's body after Lennie flees?
a) George
b) Curley
c) Slim
d) Candy

Who stays behind with Curley's wife's body?
a) Slim
b) George
c) Candy
d) Curley

The guys believe that Lennie has ______.
a) Carlson's gun
b) Candy's dog
c) Curley's wife's wedding ring
d) Crooks' gun

It is evident at the end of chapter 5 that this character wants to kill Lennie.
a) Slim
b) Curley
c) Candy
d) George

Where does chapter 6 take place?
a) near the Salinas River, just like in chapter 1
b) in the barn, just like in chapter 5
c) in Crooks' room, just like in chapter 4
d) in the bunkhouse, just like in chapter 3

Lennie has hallucinations of what?
a) his puppy and his Aunt Clara
b) a rabbit and Curley's wife
c) a rabbit and his Aunt Clara
d) his puppy and George

Prior to killing Lennie, what does George tell him about?
a) his aunt Clara
b) the rabbits
c) heaven
d) puppies

Who kills Lennie?
a) George
b) Candy
c) Curley
d) Carlson

Which of the following characters understands what George did?
a) Carlson
b) Curley
c) Crooks
d) Slim

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