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You have been tasked to set up an authentication server on a DMZ that will allow only users from a partner company. What kind of network are you configuring?
a) Internet
b) Intranet
c) Extranet
d) World Wide Web

You are in charge of setting up a VPN that allows connections on inbound port 1723. What tunneling protocol are you going to use?
b) PPP
c) L2TP

Proseware, Inc., wants you to set up a VPN server. What service in Windows Server 2008 should you use?
a) FTP
b) DNS
d) IIS

The IT director has asked you to install a firewall. Which of the following is not a type of firewall?
a) NAT filtering
b) DMZ
c) ALG
d) Stateful packet inspection

You suspect an issue with one of the ports on the firewall. You decide to scan the ports. Which of the following is the appropriate tool to use?
b) Protocol analyzer

Your client wants a server that can cache web pages in order to increase the speed of commonly accessed Web sites. What type of server does the client require?
a) Proxy
b) DNS
c) Firewall
d) VPN

The customer you are working for wants a device that can detect network anomalies and report them to an administrator. What type of device is the customer looking for?
a) Internet content filter
b) Proxy server
c) WINS server

Your boss asks you to set up an area that is not on the LAN but not quite on the Internet. This area will house servers that will serve requests to users who are connecting to your intranet. What type of zone does your boss want you to set up?
a) DMZ
b) Extranet
c) FTP
d) VPN

You have been asked by a client to install a VPN server that can offer unencrypted tunnels by default, or encrypted tunnels by using IPSec. Which of the following services should you choose in order to accomplish this?
a) DNS
b) L2TP
d) IPsec

You have set up a default VPN in Windows Server 2008. However, your boss is not happy with the level of security. She would rather have L2TP combined with IPsec. What tunneling protocol is running currently on the server?
b) L2TP without IPsec
d) VPNv2

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