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In the late 1800s, how did railroad monopolies create economic hardships for farmers?
a) By isolating farmers from technological developments in eastern cities
b) By separating farmers from profitable markets in western cities
c) By charging high prices to ship agricultural goods to market
d) By claiming productive land for business leaders to develop

A major purpose of the Progressive movement (1900–1917) was to
a) correct the economic and social abuses of industrial society
b) encourage immigration from southern and eastern Europe
c) support government control of factory production
d) stimulate the economy

Why did Southern states secede from the Union?
a) to strengthen economic ties with the North
b) to win the support of France and Great Britain
c) to protect their property and way of life
d) to increase their influence in national government

How did the Dawes Act (1887) mark a departure from earlier federal Indian policy?
a) It moved Indian tribes still on the Great Plains to reservations farther west.
b) It permitted Indians to withdraw private plots from the tribal reservation.
c) It led to conflicts between new settlers and Indian tribes on the Great Plains
d) It encouraged the shooting of buffalo herds from new railroad lines.

The Emancipation Proclamation
a) Encouraged the Southern states to surrender.
b) Marked a turning point in the Union effort in the West.
c) Freed all enslaved people in the Union.
d) to protect their property and way of life

How did Presidential Reconstruction differ from Congressional Reconstruction?
a) The president favored a more lenient plan for the South.
b) The president favored the Civil Rights Bill.
c) The president signed the Reconstruction Act to allow military occupation of the South.
d) The president insisted Confederate leaders could not hold elected office.

We should be satisfied to compel them to engage in coarse, common labor, and to punish them for dereliction of duty or nonfulfillment of their contracts with such severity, as to make them useful, productive laborers.
a) The formation of the Freedmen’s Bureau
b) The ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment
c) The relocation of emancipated slaves to colonies in Africa.
d) The passage of Black Codes and Jim Crow Laws

Class is almost over what do you do?
a) watch the clock and leave when it is the right time
b) line up at the door and wait for the bell to ring
c) I do NOT line up at the door and I remain in my seat until it is time to go to the next class.
d) I gather with my friends and talk until the bell rings.

What is Mrs. Speranza's catch phrase?
a) Don't give up
b) “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”
c) 12 inch voices
d) Listen when the teacher talks

What should not be out or plugged into your Think Pad?
a) Cell phones
b) ear phones
c) flash drive

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