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I am very ''conscientious'' when I do my chores because...
a) I hate washing the dishes.
b) I am lazy.
c) Mom always notices if I don't complete them thoroughly.
d) I need to clean my room.

Which word goes with ''cascade?''
a) twisted
b) edge
c) trickle
d) pouring

Which situation shows ''aggression?''
a) A friend gives you a pat on the back.
b) A dog growls at someone walking by.
c) A cat purrs when you scratch its head.
d) Your grandma gives you an ugly sweater for your birthday present.

Which of the following is most likely to ''trigger'' an allergy?
a) Getting stung by a bee
b) Watching a movie about bees
c) Seeing a bee on a flower
d) Shaking hands with a beekeeper

Which word goes with ''precipice?''
a) twisted
b) edge
c) trickle
d) pouring

We are going to have a TV ''technician'' come to our house because...
a) Our TV broke, and Dad doesn't know how to fix it.
b) We like to watch cartoons.
c) We don't have a TV.
d) We have four TVs.

Which of the following is an example of ''activate?''
a) Unplugging a computer.
b) Adjusting the volume on a computer.
c) Buying a computer.
d) Pressing the power button on a computer

Which situation is an example of an ''ambush?''
a) A dog runs out from a yard to greet someone walking by.
b) A person who is hiding suddenly jumps out to scare his friend.
c) A cat sees a mouse but decides not to chase it.
d) A student sees her teacher in the grocery store and says ''hello''.

Which word goes with ''gnarly?''
a) twisted
b) edge
c) trickle
d) pouring

Which of the following involves ''turbulence?''
a) A canoe trip on a rushing, rocky river.
b) A canoe trip on a quiet lake.
c) Falling out of a canoe.
d) Fishing from a canoe.

Which group shows ''confidence?''
a) A school choir that chooses to not do any public performances.
b) Three dogs who hide under the bed during a thunderstorm.
c) A debate team that is eager to begin a contest.
d) A marching band that decides not to be in a parade.

The jury foreperson read the verdict in an ''emphatic'' voice because...
a) the jury members were unsure about their decision.
b) he was shy.
c) he was nervous about speaking in public.
d) he wanted to clearly state their final decision to the court.

Which of the following is an example of ''immaturity?''
a) Explaining why you are upset
b) Realizing you don't always get what you want
c) Crying when you don't get your way
d) Staying quiet when you are angry

Which word goes with ''rivulet?''
a) twisted
b) edge
c) trickle
d) pouring

Which of these would be a way to ''distract'' someone?
a) Waiting quietly while the person talks to someone else
b) Listening in the audience to a public speaker
c) Watching a movie silently with your friend
d) Waving at a person who is giving a speech

I like to hear old Uncle Al ''reminisce'' because...
a) he has strong opinions.
b) his stories about his childhood are funny.
c) he reads a lot of books.
d) his friends all live far away.

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