South America Vocab Review Question Preview (ID: 27582)

DA #3 Review.[print questions]

This term means people of different races, cultures and experiences together in one place.
a) Enthicity
b) Diversity
c) Strange
d) Different

4 of the 8 cultural traits are daily life, history, government and economy. The other 4 are...
a) religion, social groups, art and language
b) food, music, dancing, and painting.
c) laughter, happiness, toys, and fun.
d) faith, hope, love, and peace.

The Spanish destroyed which South American empire during colonialism?
a) Aztecs
b) Mexicans
c) Portugese
d) Incas

Brazil uses which physical geography for trade and travel?
a) Amazon Rail Road
b) the Great Highway
c) Amazon River
d) Deforestation

What is the greatest threat to the Amazon Rainforest?
a) Flooding
b) Hurricanes
c) Slash and Burn
d) Deforestation

Some farmers do this to the land to prepare to plant crops.
a) Ranching
b) Pull up roots
c) Logging
d) Slash and burn

Developing nations rely mostly on which area of economy?
a) Agriculture
b) Tourism
c) Industrial
d) Service

This term means one country controlling another people group/area of land and abusing the people and the resources.
a) Controlism
b) Dictatorship
c) Colonialism
d) Bossy

Spain and Portugal brought their religion while colonizing the New World. What is that religion?
a) Judaism
b) Islam
c) Catholicism
d) Hinduism

Which fighting dance style was invented by African slaves in Brazil?
a) Hip hop
b) Breakdancing
c) Capoeira
d) Salsa

Why is Bolivia said to be landlocked?
a) It is located on the Pacific Ocean.
b) It is completely surrounded by other countries.
c) It doesn't have any rivers.
d) It is a developing nation.

This term describes the variety of living things in a specific place.
a) Biodiversity
b) Wildlife
c) Animals
d) Habitat

This term describes native people from a country.
a) Local
b) Usual
c) Endemic
d) Indigenous

This term means organizing time in the order it happened.
a) Order
b) Time
c) Chronology
d) Era

This term describes species that can only be found in one place.
a) Habitat
b) Endemic
c) Biodiversity
d) rainforest

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