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When a hair dryer is being used, one of the energy transformations that takes place is
a) electrical to chemical.
b) electrical to thermal.
c) thermal to electrical.
d) chemical to electrical.

At what point does a roller coaster have the greatest potential energy?
a) the bottom of the biggest hill
b) the bottom of the smallest hill
c) the top of the biggest hill
d) the top of the smallest hill

What is the gravitational potential energy of a 10 N diver standing on a platform 2 m high? GPE= w(h)
a) 10 J
b) 20 J
c) 5 J
d) 48 J

The type of energy produced by the movement of electrons is _____________ energy.
a) mechanical
b) potential
c) electrical
d) nuclear

An object’s mechanical energy is
a) its energy of motion.
b) not related to the object’s mass.
c) the waste energy it produces by friction.
d) the sum of its potential and kinetic energies.

When the _______________ of an object increases, its particles move faster, making it feel warm to the touch.
a) electrical energy
b) thermal energy
c) chemical energy
d) mechanical energy

Energy is stored as ________________ in the foods we eat. It is also stored in batteries.
a) kinetic energy
b) light energy
c) electrical energy
d) chemical energy

Energy that is stored is considered to be _______________ energy.
a) work
b) potential
c) kinetic
d) thermal

Potential energy that depends on height is called ______________.
a) elastic potential energy
b) thermal energy
c) gravitational potential energy
d) kinetic energy

_____________ is the ability to do work.
a) energy
b) work
c) potential
d) kinetic

Energy in motion is considered to be _____________ energy.
a) kinetic
b) work
c) energy
d) potential

Which of the following describes nuclear energy?
a) a measure of particle motion
b) energy of a nucleus splitting or joining
c) the energy of moving electrons
d) the result of vibrations of electrically charged particles

A rolling ball has a mass of 4 kilograms and is rolling 3 m/s. How much kinetic energy does the ball have?
a) 12 joules
b) 6 joules
c) 18 joules
d) 24 joules

In photosynthesis, plants use nuclear energy from the sun that is converted to light energy to produce food for themselves. What do plants convert the light energy into?
a) sound energy
b) kinetic energy
c) chemical energy
d) nuclear energy

What energy transformation takes place when you light a match?
a) chemical to light and thermal
b) light to chemical
c) thermal to light
d) kinetic to nuclear

A nuclear power plant converts nuclear energy in to which type of energy that powers many buildings and homes?
a) thermal energy
b) potential energy
c) light energy
d) electrical energy

Gasoline used to power a car is an example of...
a) chemical to nuclear
b) kinetic to mechanical
c) kinetic to potential
d) chemical to mechanical

A 35 kg chair is lifted 5 m off the ground. What is its potential energy?
a) 175 J
b) 343 J
c) 1715 J
d) 0 J

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