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Rising prices of what commodity led to an economic crisis in the 1970's?
a) Oil
b) Timber
c) Cotton
d) Exports

Which agency invented a lot of every day and household products?
b) EPA
c) SSA

What was the goal of Lyndon Johnsons Great Society programs?
a) To eradicate poverty.
b) To defeat the Soviet Union.
c) To win the Korean War.
d) To stop the spread of communism.

Which agency was created in response to Sputnik to explore space?
c) WTO
d) EPA

An increasing decline in trust of government after the by the American people was most affected by which two events?
a) Watergate Scandal and Vietnam War
b) Teapot Dome Scandal and Korean War
c) Domino Theory and Lewinsky Scandal
d) Collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Venona Papers

Which minority group created the Blues, an influential form of music in the creation of Rock and Roll?
a) African-Americans
b) Hispanic-Americans
c) Women
d) Asian-Americans

The Watergate Scandal forced which President to resign?
a) Richard Nixon
b) Gerald Ford
c) Lyndon Johnson
d) Jimmy Carter

What was the name of the music festival in 1969 that embodied the countercultural attitudes of the 1960's?
a) Woodstock
b) Freedom Rides
c) Austin City Limits
d) Seneca Falls

The programs of President Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) to fight poverty were called the...
a) Great Society
b) New Deal
c) Contract with America
d) Progressive Era

What scandal forced President Nixon to resign in 1970's?
a) Watergate
b) Teapot Dome
c) Lewinsky
d) Benghazi

What is it called when a President is brought to trial?
a) Impeachment
b) Filibuster
c) Expulsion
d) Containment

What is it called when a President is removed from office?
a) Expulsion
b) Impeachment
c) Cloture
d) Censure

Which decade did America first face a struggling economy, rising oil prices and conflict in the Middle East?
a) 1970's
b) 1960's
c) 1950's
d) 1980's

Conflict in what region hurt the American econonmy in the 1970's?
a) Middle East
b) East Asia
c) Africa
d) Europe

What government agency is in charge of regulating air and water?
a) Environmental Protection Agency
b) Housing and Urban Development
c) Department of Labor
d) Social Security Administration

What law gave the government the power to regulate air and water pollution?
a) Environmental Protection Act
b) Endangered Species Act
c) GI Bill
d) Child Nutrition Act

Which country had a political revolt in 1979 that led to the American embassy being taken hostage?
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Afghanistan
d) Israel

What location did Jimmy Carter start negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians?
a) Camp David
b) Pearl Harbor
c) Seneca Falls
d) The Pentagon

Flame-resistant clothes, smoke detectors, and swimsuits were all invented by NASA in their attempts to...
a) Explore space.
b) Stop communism.
c) Fix the economy.
d) Build the Berlin Wall.

What group was created to control oil prices in the 1970's?
d) EPA

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