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How did the GI Bill affect higher education (college)?
a) More students than ever before were attending.
b) Costs began to rise dramatically.
c) Women began to attend for the first time.
d) African-Americans were finally admitted to college.

In the 1950's the Baby Boomers, Interstate Highway System, prosperity and the GI Bill led to a migration from...
a) Urban to Suburban
b) Suburban to Urban
c) Rural to Urban
d) Urban to Rural

'In God We Trust' was made to be the motto of the United States in response to...
a) The spread of 'godless' communism.
b) Richard Nixon's immoral behavior during Watergate.
c) The push by the Israeli government to get peace with the Palestinians.
d) Economic crisis from stagflation and rising oil prices.

Who was Joseph McCarthy hunting down?
a) Communists
b) Mexicans
c) Jews
d) The wealthy

What committee in the House of Representatives hunted down communists in the 1950's?
a) Un-American Activities Committee
b) Ways and Means Committee
c) Science and Technology Committee
d) Judiciary Committee

'Mccarthyism' refers to the 1950's....
a) Hunting down of possible communist infiltration of the government
b) Doctrine of supporting countries who stand against communism.
c) Belief that going against societies norms was the right thing to do.
d) Effort to push the Vietnam War regardless of popular opinion.

Growth of cities into suburbs that is damaging to the environment is called....
a) Urban Sprawl
b) Domino Theory
c) The Marshall Plan
d) Conformity and Counter-culturalism

Which senator led a 'witch hunt' to find communists in America, many times without proof?
a) Joseph McCarthy
b) Joseph Biden
c) Lyndon Johnson
d) Richard Nixon

Which invention decreased movie attendance in the 1950's?
a) Television
b) Automobile
c) Telephone
d) Electricity

Which of the following is the expansion of cities and suburbs to take up more and more space that had a negative effect on the environment?
a) Urban Sprawl
b) Interstate Highway System
c) Domino Theory

Who was President from 1952-1960?
a) Dwight Eisenhower
b) John F. Kennedy
c) Harry Truman
d) Lyndon B. Johnson

What infrastructure project helped movement and trade develop during the 1950's?
a) Interstate Highway System
b) Panama Canal
c) St. Lawrence Seaway
d) Pearl Harbor

The generation born after World War Two is called the...
a) Baby Boomers
b) Millenials
c) Generation X
d) Greatest Generation

Going along with others and the norms of society is called....
a) Conformity
b) Counter-culturalism
c) Revolutionary
d) Liberal

A tax on imports is a...
a) Tariff
b) Quota
c) Isolationism
d) Containment

Which law gave veteran soldiers access to college and cheaper mortgage loans?
a) GI Bill
b) Marshall Plan
c) Great Society
d) Endangered Species Act

A loan for a house is called a...
a) Mortgage
b) Tariff
c) Bond
d) Embargo

The military alliance created after World War Two between Western Europe and America is called...
b) Warsaw Pact

What country was created for the Jews after World War Two?
a) Israel
b) Palestine
c) Iran
d) Saudi Arabia

What law did America pass to give large amounts of loans to Europe after World War Two?
a) Marshall Plan
b) Bataan Plan
c) Kyoto Protocol
d) McCarthy Plan

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