Native Americans/Exploration/Conquest Review Question Preview (ID: 27567)

First Two Days Of Unit 5- Aztec/Inca/Maya And Conquest/Exploration Of New World.[print questions]

The Maya are MOST known for which of the following math/science/technology accomplishments?
a) algebra
b) gunpowder
c) calendar (365 days)
d) canals

The Aztecs capital of Tenochtitlan was MOST devastated by which of the following?
a) Spanish weapons
b) Spanish diseases
c) Betrayal from within
d) Poor leadership

The Inca were known for all of the following EXCEPT...
a) using the quipu instead of written language
b) good roads
c) good postal system
d) their location in Mexico

Complete the sentence using the BEST answer choice. Not only were Native Americans killed by disease, but they also...
a) were killed in battle
b) were slaughtered for no reason in their homes
c) were enslaved and worked to death on Spanish/Portuguese agricultural/mining projects
d) suffered through bloody civil wars that destroyed one another's civilizations

The Aztecs welcomed the Spanish into their territory because...
a) they were so rich and interesting
b) they bribed the Aztecs
c) they were plotting to murder them and steal their cool stuff
d) they thought the Spanish were the god Quetzalcoatl's representatives

Why were the Europeans able to embark on the journeys of exploration around the world?
a) better sailing technology and instruments
b) Europeans wanted to conquer the Americas
c) the slave trade
d) the travels of Ibn Battuta

What does it mean that Magellan circumnavigated the world by boat?
a) he sailed around the Meditarranean Sea
b) he sailed around the Atlantic Ocean
c) he sailed back and forth from Europe to the Americas
d) he sailed around the whole world

The Aztecs relied most on which food crop to survive?
a) beans
b) potatoes
c) carrots
d) corn

The Inca introduced which important food to the Europeans?
a) carrots
b) corn
c) potatoes
d) wheat

What were the 3-G's the Spanish conquistadors were seeking in the Americas?
a) greed, god, girls
b) gold, grain, glory
c) gold, gold, glory
d) girls, greed, grain

What were the Europeans trying to do by sailing West?
a) discover the Americas
b) sail around the world
c) get to Asia faster/cheaper
d) sneak attack on their enemies

Which two factors were the MOST significant in the defeat of the Native Americans overall?
a) fear and religion
b) guns and religion
c) fear and germs
d) guns and germs

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