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Which was NOT a reason for European Exploration?
a) A fear of the spread of Islam
b) The Ottoman Turks made trade with Asia difficult.
c) A desire to spread Christianity
d) A desire for silk from China

Which was NOT a cause of European Exploration?
a) To reach Asia by sea
b) A desire for fame
c) A desire for wealth
d) To find new sources of food in America

What is not one of the Three Gs?
a) Gold
b) Gold
c) Glory
d) Grace

What did Vasco de Gama's journey to India accomplish?
a) Allowed Europeans to avoid Ottoman taxes for trade with Asia
b) Gave the English an advantage in Asian trade
c) Showed Spanish superiority in the New World
d) Allowed Portugal to take control of China

Which of the following is NOT true of Christopher Columbus?
a) He planned to discover America.
b) He was from a Genoan family in Italy.
c) He was supported by the queen of Spain
d) He believed that the earth was round.

What did Ferdinand Magellan prove?
a) That the earth is round
b) That Antarctica exists
c) That people live in Australia
d) That China exists

What two groups of people were an important part of Spanish exploration?
a) Chiefs and priests
b) Conquistadors and priests
c) Conquistadors and chiefs
d) Conquistadors and captains

How did Hernando Cortes defeat the Aztecs?
a) The Aztecs ran away
b) A volcano erupted
c) Superior weapons, horses, and diseases
d) By reenacting the 8 Aztec Omens

A fusion of European and Native American cultures is a definition of what?
a) Conquistador and priest
b) New Amsterdam
c) Roman Catholicism
d) Latin America

Which of the following is true of Spanish colonial government?
a) It promoted social equality.
b) It had a strict social order.
c) The leader was called el presidente.
d) The Spanish outlawed slavery.

What was NOT true of early English explorers in North America?
a) Jamestown was profitable by growing tobacco.
b) Pilgrims came to America to escape religious persecution.
c) They founded New Amsterdam.
d) Puritans founded Massachusetts Bay for religious freedom.

New France was settled primarily for what purpose?
a) To get gold.
b) To harvest fur.
c) To defeat the Spanish.
d) To promote the spread of Islam.

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