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A Metaphor Is A Word Or Phrase That Is Used To Make A Comparison Between Two People, Things, Animals, Or Places.[print questions]

Your voice is music to my ears. The metaphor music to my ears:
a) Your voice is hoarse.
b) Your voice is pleasing to me.
c) Your voice upsets me.
d) Your voice is annoying.

Mike drives too fast and is a road hog. The metaphor road hog:
a) Mike eats too much in his car.
b) Mike drives all over the road.
c) Mike doesn't like to drive.
d) Mike is always happy.

The dripping faucet is grating on Kyle's nerves. The metaphor grating on:
a) The dripping faucet upsets Kyle.
b) The dripping faucet helps to calm Kyle.
c) The dripping faucet is lulling Kyle to sleep.
d) The dripping faucet like to drip.

When it came to historical facts, Terry was a walking encyclopedia. The metaphor Terry was a walking encyclopedia:
a) Terry made up facts that weren't true.
b) Terry knew a lot of facts about history.
c) Terry was a character in a book.
d) Terry has a new coat.

After math class, Chou's head was spinning from all the information that would be on the test. The metaphor head was spinning:
a) Chou was feeling confused.
b) Chou was feeling very confident.
c) Chou is thinking about science class.
d) Chou is upset.

He kept his thoughts bottled up inside of him because he was uncomfortably shy. The metaphor kept his thoughts bottled up inside:
a) He spoke a lot.
b) He was so shy that he did not share his thoughts.
c) He wasn't very bright.
d) He was happy with himself.

Jessica's eyes are homes of prayer. The metaphor eyes are homes of prayer:
a) Jessica is in church.
b) Jessica's a prayerful person and one can figuratively see that in her eyes.
c) Jessica's eyes are brown.
d) Jessica doesn't believe in herself.

The awful dinner became a rock in my stomach. The metaphor awful dinner became a rock:
a) Dinner was great.
b) Dinner made me feel sick.
c) I ate rocks for dinner.
d) Dinner was my only meal.

Rich was a skunk after saying those terrible things. The metaphor Rich was a skunk:
a) No one wanted to be with Rich because he was a traitor.
b) Rich worked at a zoo.
c) Rich smelled bad.
d) Rich was a good friend.

The night is growing old and yet I have so much homework left to do! The metaphor night is growing old:
a) I had plenty of time.
b) I am a night owl.
c) It was getting late.
d) It was early.

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