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What level of organization do cnidarians have?
a) cellular
b) tissue
c) organ
d) organ system

Cnidarians have two basic body forms the
a) polyp and bud
b) polyp and medusa
c) medusa and bud
d) polyp and colonial

The stinging cells of cnidarians are called
a) mesocytes
b) interstitial cells
c) cnidocytes
d) glial cells

The cavity that contains the mouth of a cnidarian is called the
a) gastrovascular cavity
b) nutritive muscular cavity
c) stomach
d) intestine

The jelly like substance that is between the outer and inner layers of a cnidarian is the
a) endoglea
b) mesoderm
c) mesoglea
d) endoderm

Cnidarians that secrete a calcium carbonate house are the
a) anemones.
b) hydras.
c) obelia.
d) corals.

The body form that is dominate in the anemones is the
a) polyp
b) medusa
c) colonial
d) germinative

What are the germ layers contained in a cnidarian embryo are the
a) ectoderm and mesoderm
b) endoderm and mesoderm
c) ectoderm and endoderm
d) ectoderm, endoderm, mesoderm

A cnidarian that consists of a gas filled float and a colony of polyps is the
a) coral
b) anemome
c) Portuguese man-of-war
d) hydra

A type of locomotion unique to hydra is
a) walking
b) swimming
c) inching
d) somersaulting

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