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Native Americans.[print questions]

How do archaeologists impact the study of human behavior
a) By interviewing relatives about their ancestors
b) Through the recovery and analysis of artifacts
c) By studying current history books
d) Through research of scientific theories

Scientists have different theories about how and when people arrived in the Western Hemisphere. How has Cactus Hill questioned those theories.
a) People followed food sources to North America
b) People migrated to North America along the same route
c) People may have arrived later than previously predicted
d) People may have arrived earlier than previously predicted

Scientists do not agree about?
a) What natural resources the American Indians used
b) How and when people first came to the Northern Hemisphere
c) How European explorers first came to the Eastern Hemisphere
d) Where American Indian tribes lived.

Man made products with historical importance are referred to as?
a) Kachinas
b) Artifacts
c) Totems
d) Wigwams

Which of the following are characteristics of the Lakota Indians?
a) Their land was dry and they lived west of the Mississippi River
b) They mostly lived on cliffs and mountains, and their land was located in Arizona
c) Because of a heavy forest they made a lot of things out of wood
d) Their diet consisted of mostly fish caught from the ocean

What are the three most popular crops grown by the Native Americans collectively known as the three sisters?
a) Corn, Pepper, Carrots
b) Corn, Beans, Squash
c) Corn, Pumpkins, Carrots
d) Beans, Radish, Lettuce

We live in the present day Artic areas of Alaska and Northern Canada and the temperature is below freezing much of the year. We hunted whale for food and used snow and ice to make our shelters.
a) Kwakiutl
b) Inuit
c) Lakota
d) Iroquois

Which American Indians lived in Eastern North America
a) Lakota
b) Inuit
c) Iroquois
d) Kwakiutl

Which nation faced a heavily forested environment, *hint, they are located near us
a) Kwakiutl
b) Lakota
c) Iroquois
d) Pueblo

Why did the Lakota Indians live in a Teepee?
a) It was easy to move away from the fierce hurricanes that plague the area
b) There was not enough sun dried brick available to build homes
c) There was not enough lumber to build permanent homes.
d) If the Buffalo herds moved it was easy to tear down and rebuild quickly

A fisher, hunter, and gatherer, would be all examples of what type of resource used by the Native Americans to get food?
a) Geographic
b) Capital
c) Human
d) Natural

A bow and arrow, longhouse, pueblo are all man made products. What type of resource are they?
a) Capital
b) Human
c) Natural
d) Geographical

Which of the following would the Lakota tribe use as a natural resource?
a) Tree
b) Buffalo
c) Whale
d) Corn

Why did the Kwakiutl use wood products to build their dwellings
a) They liked that it was resistant to tornadoes which plagued them constantly
b) It was readily available in the environment and there was plenty of it
c) It was easily torn down and built back up
d) There was no sun dried brick available

Which group of first Americans lived in a Plank House?
a) Lakota
b) Kwakiutl
c) Pueblo
d) Iroquois

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