Science Unit 3 Question Preview (ID: 27554)


What type of energy is present if we are moving boxes?
a) Sound
b) Mechanical
c) Light
d) Thermal (heat)

When snow melts from the sun, it is because of
a) Thermal energy (heat)
b) sound energy
c) kinetic energy
d) mechanical energy

Trumpets and violins produce
a) light energy
b) mechanical energy
c) sound energy
d) heat energy

When measuring force all of the following are normally used EXCEPT
a) timer
b) yard stick
c) spring scale
d) magnets

The most important piece of safety equipment is
a) gloves
b) aprons
c) goggles
d) shoes

My night light produces
a) light energy
b) sound energy
c) mechanical energy
d) thermal energy

Different types of floors have different amounts of friction. Which has the least amount of friction?
a) carpet
b) ice
c) tile
d) grass

What is a conductor of electricty
a) copper
b) wood
c) glass
d) rubber

Friction can be tested with all EXCEPT
a) cars
b) tiles and carpet
c) ramp
d) triple beam balance

Another name for heat energy is
a) thermal energy
b) hot energy
c) thinning energy
d) transmission energy

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