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Folded mountains form at tectonic boundaries where
a) new ocean crust is formed
b) plates move away from each other
c) plates move toward each other
d) plates move horizontally past each other

An opening through which lava, rocks, and gases erupt is called a
a) caldera
b) fumerole
c) volcano
d) geyser

Most volcanoes occur
a) in the center of a continent
b) along plate boundaries
c) along fault zones
d) over hot spots

Along which type of plate boundary are folded mountains most likely to form?
a) transform
b) active
c) convergent
d) divergent

Scientists monitor volcanoes to
a) prevent future eruptions from occuring
b) predict when future eruptions will occur
c) prevent gases from escaping through openings in Earth's crust
d) cool the temperature of the magma rising inside the volcano

What is a volcano?
a) a chamber of magma deep beneath the surface
b) a mountain that forms as the result of faulting
c) an opening through which lava, rocks, and gases erupt
d) a huge crater that forms as the result of collapsing rocks

What are some of the effects of volcanic eruptions on Earth's atmosphere?
a) an increase in the amount of sunlight that reaches Earth and a decrease in acid rain
b) a decrease in the amount of sunlight that reaches Earth and an increase in Earth's temperature
c) an increase in acid rain and an increase in Earth's temperature
d) an increase in acid rain and a decrease in Earth's temperature

A dense cloud of super-hot gases and rock fragments that races downhill from an erupting volcano is called a
a) pyroclastic flow
b) steam explosion
c) cinder eruption
d) landslide

What is one way that a folded mountain belt can form?
a) Two oceanic plates spread apart.
b) Two continental plates push together.
c) Old volcanoes erupt and grow.
d) Blocks of crust move along faults.

Which seismic wave type causes the most ground motion to occur?
a) primary waves
b) secondary waves
c) tertiary waves
d) surface waves

During an earthquake, a large building sank down into the soil it was built on. The soil underneath this building was likely
a) wet and sandy
b) wet and rocky
c) dry and sandy
d) dry and rocky

The strength of an earthquake depends in part on the
a) speed at which blocks of rock move
b) distance over which blocks of rock move
c) types of seismic waves it produces
d) number of aftershocks it produces

Secondary waves can travel through
a) lakes
b) oceans
c) air
d) rocks

Which of the following help reduce earthquake damage to tall office buildings?
a) brick walls
b) cross braces
c) more windows
d) larger rooms

An earthquake in the ocean floor causes a water wave to form. This wave is an example of a(n)
a) aftershock
b) tsunami
c) liquefaction
d) fault

The point on Earth's surface directly above where rocks first start to move during an earthquake is the earthquake's
a) aftershock
b) epicenter
c) primary wave
d) seismic station

When an earthquake occurs, the first seismic waves to reach a nearby city are
a) primary waves
b) secondary waves
c) surface waves
d) tertiary waves

Sudden movements of rock along a fault cause
a) tectonic plate boundaries
b) seismic gaps
c) earthquakes
d) stress

Most earthquakes occur
a) along tectonic plate boundaries
b) near the center of tectonic plates
c) in Earth's mantle
d) in Earth's core

What makes a pyroclastic flow so dangerous?
a) its speed and its temperature
b) its temperature and its silica content
c) its speed and its cinder content
d) its temperature and its volume

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