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If you see trash on the ground, should you pick it up?
a) Yes, I am responsible for caring for the Earth.
b) No, it is not my trash.

Where should paper go?
a) Trash
b) Recycling
c) The ground

How does my poor treatment of the Earth affect animals?
a) It does not affect animals.
b) It makes them sad.
c) It destroys their habitat and could lead towards their extinction.

Where should a candy wrapper go?
a) Trash
b) Recycling
c) The ground

If I throw my gum out the car window, is that littering?
a) Yes, it could cause destruction to an animal or habitat.
b) No, it is just gum.
c) Depends on where you threw it.

Should I assume that everyone is caring for the environment?
a) Yes, everyone does.
b) Maybe
c) No, it is evident by our climate that not everyone does so I should!

Which of the following counts as littering?
a) Throwing my leftovers in the trash.
b) Putting my paper in the recycling.
c) Leaving my gum underneath my desk.

Which of the following is NOT an effect of pollution?
a) Animal's habitats are destroyed.
b) The environment decays.
c) Climate/weather changes.
d) Fields are riper for plow.

If I see someone littering or causing pollution, I should...
a) Tell a trusted adult.
b) Confront and criticize them.
c) Ignore it.

Why is an oil spill catastrophic?
a) It is not catastrophic.
b) It detroys the environment for everyone.
c) It makes it more difficult to get gas.

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