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Why did the Aztecs expand their empire?
a) To defend against the Icas
b) To defend against the Mayas
c) To appease the gods
d) To combat Christianity

What did the Inca have in place of a writing system?
a) Quipu
b) Stone tablets
c) Vine Tables
d) Corn husk records

How did the Aztecs grow food to survive? What did they build?
a) Terrace Farms
b) Floating Gardens
c) Windmills
d) Ditches

What was the ancient fortress city of the Incas called?
a) Temple of the Sun
b) Machu Picchu
c) Chichen Itza
d) Muai Incha

How did the Inca build without cement?
a) created an adhesive from llama fat
b) fitted the stones together like puzzle pieces
c) They did not build large structures
d) They used a unique form of rope

What was the main crop of the Maya and Aztec?
a) Maize
b) Wheat
c) Tomatoes
d) Potatoes

What was the main crop of the Incas?
a) Potatoes
b) Maize
c) Vines
d) Wheat

What did the Inca create the Mayans and the Aztecs did not?
a) Floating Gardens
b) Temples
c) Corn fields
d) Complex road systems

When were gender roles established in these societies?
a) At birth
b) At maturity
c) After learning to walk
d) There were no gender roles

What is a writing system that uses picture symbols called?
a) Writing Symbols
b) Heiroglyphics
c) Charcaters
d) Quipu

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