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The layer of cells in a woody stem, which divide to produce new xylem and phloem
a) cambium
b) stomata
c) cotelydon
d) pollen

A structure that contains an egg cell
a) ovule
b) cone
c) fruit
d) flower

An angiosperm that produces seeds with two seed leaves
a) dicot
b) monocot
c) biennial
d) perennial

A plant's growth response toward or away from a stimulus is called a
a) tropism
b) growth stimulation
c) photoperiodism
d) hormone

A chemical that speeds up the rate at which a plant's cells grow
a) auxin
b) hormone
c) chlorophyll
d) ultra-violet light

This material travels in xylem
a) water and minerals
b) food
c) oxygen
d) carbon dioxide

This material travel is phloem
a) food
b) oxygen
c) water and minerals
d) carbon dioxide

When a flower is still a bud, it is enclosed by leaf-like structures called
a) sepals
b) petals
c) stamens
d) pistils

The leaf-like parts of a flower
a) petals
b) sepals
c) pistils
d) stamens

The male reproductive part of a flower
a) stamen
b) pistil
c) petal
d) sepal

The female parts of flowers
a) pistils
b) stamens
c) petals
d) sepals

This type of plant complete a life cycle in one growing season
a) annual
b) biennial
c) perennial
d) yearlies

This type of plant completes a life cycle in two years
a) biennial
b) annual
c) perennial
d) bicycle

This type of plant lives for many that two years
a) perennial
b) biennial
c) annual
d) dynasty

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