Focus On History Unit 2 Question Preview (ID: 27514)

Feudalism To Today.[print questions]

When was the Renaissance?
a) Before the Middle Ages
b) After the enlightenment
c) After the Middle Ages
d) Before Ancient Times

What is a community of people that share a territory and government called?
a) a nation
b) a monarchy
c) a culture
d) a home

What ended when communism in Eastern Europe collapsed?
a) the Hot War
b) the Prussian War
c) the Cold War
d) The Korean War

The US, Canada and Mexico are members of what organization?
d) NBC

Who financed Columbus's trip to the New World?
a) Isabella and Ferdinand
b) Queen Elizabeth
c) Louis IVX
d) Peter the Great

Who started the Protestant Reformation?
a) Louis IVX
b) Martin Luther
c) Pope Pious
d) King James

The assignation of Arch-duke Franz Ferdinand sparked which war?
a) World War II
b) World War I
c) the Vietnam War
d) the Cold War

Charles I's refusal to recognize the powers of Parliament started what conflict ?
a) the French revolution
b) the English Civil War
c) the American Revolution
d) the Russian Revolution

Peter the Great did all of the following except
a) build St. Petersburg
b) modernize the army and navy
c) expand Russia's territory
d) establish a port that would not freeze in the winter

In which age was also called the Age of Reason?
a) the Enlightenment
b) the Dark Ages
c) the Renaissance
d) the Gilded Age

A place sacred to the Christians and the Muslims is called?
a) the religious lands
b) the sacred lands
c) the holy lands
d) the promised lands

What age did the mariners compass, the carvel and the astrolabe contribute to?
a) the age of enlightenment
b) the age of questioning
c) the age of invention
d) the age of exploration

What is land given in return for loyalty is called?
a) a grant
b) a fief
c) a castle
d) a farm

What are Guilds?
a) Medieval trade organizations
b) gold that covers domes and statues
c) groups of knights
d) church organizations

Who signed the Magna Carta
a) William and Mary
b) King John
c) Louis XVI
d) Peter the Great

What was not a cause of the French Revolution?
a) taxes
b) threat of troops in city
c) no food
d) freedom

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