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Tyranny is
a) discriminating against others.
b) the abuse of power.
c) treating people fairly.
d) usually present in a democracy.

Which is not a grievance that the colonists had with the King?
a) taxation without representation
b) took away right to fair trial
c) would not provide education to colonial children
d) cut off trade with the rest of the world

Which event led to the writing of a new constitution for America?
a) The Revolutionary War
b) The Boston Tea Party
c) Shay's Rebellion
d) The Burning of the Gaspee

What was the name of America's first plan of government?
a) The Articles of Confederation
b) The Constitution
c) The Declaration of Independence
d) The Magna Carta

Which of the following could the Articles of Confederation not do?
a) make laws
b) create post offices
c) declare peace
d) settle disputes between states

Which is NOT an example of direct democracy?
a) a town meeting
b) a ballot question where everyone makes a decision for the government
c) electing a legislature to make laws
d) the other players voting someone out of the tribe on the show Survivor

Which of the following is NOT a problem caused by the Articles of Confederation?
a) farmers lost their farms
b) the country could not pay its debt
c) the legislature could not make laws for the citizens
d) a military could not be staffed or supported

What is a confederation?
a) a strong government where states have no power
b) a monarchy
c) a loose alliance or friendship of independent groups
d) a government controlled by a small group

Which of the following could the Articles of Confederation do?
a) print money
b) enforce laws
c) make treaties
d) collect taxes

Who is credited with introducing America to the concept of separation of powers?
a) John Locke
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Baron de Montesquieu
d) King George III

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