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What impact did technological advances have on industry?
a) Production of goods was increased
b) Quality of products was decreased
c) Number of factory workers decreased
d) All of the above

What role did the Agricultural Revolution play in the creation of the Industrial Revolution?
a) Farming was the number one new job during the Industrial Revolution
b) The expansion of crops produced on farms fed workers during the Industrial Revolution
c) Factories declined as more workers moved from the cities to rural areas
d) Pollution decreased due to the expansion of factories

Why was India called the “jewel in the crown?”
a) It was the most valuable of all of Britain’s colonies
b) It had a vast supply of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires
c) The sepoys were a perfect model of successful imperialism
d) The success of India’s self-sufficient economy strengthened Britain

Which of the following was the basis of direct control of colonies?
a) reliance on existing political leaders
b) the goal of developing future leaders
c) paternalism
d) keeping local rules

What did the Opium War and the Boxer Rebellion have in common?
a) Both were fought against Great Britain
b) Resentment of foreigners contributed to both
c) In both, Hong Xiuquan led the Chinese forces
d) Both were uprisings against the rule of Dowager Empress Cixi

Why did Britain sell opium to China?
a) to weaken the Chinese people
b) to keep the drug out of Britain
c) to improve the balance of trade between Britain and China
d) to encourage the Chinese government to buy British products

Which of the following was NOT a positive aspect of industrialization?
a) more jobs
b) increased wealth
c) cleaner cities
d) more goods

The Industrial Revolution began in what country?
a) Germany
b) Great Britain
c) France
d) Spain

Eli Whitney invented which of the following:
a) Cotton Gin
b) The internet
c) Seed Drill
d) Power Lume

What natural resource fueled the Industrial Revolution?
a) Timber
b) Wi-fi
c) Water
d) Coal

Which of the following became a major source of labor during the Industrial Revolution?
a) Slaves
b) Children
c) Elephants
d) White men and women

The purpose of Jethro Tull’s invention was to drill a seed into the ground and then cover it with dirt. The name of this invention was:
a) Power Lume
b) Steam-Driven Locomotive
c) Seed Drill
d) Water Frame

The British were primarily interested in India’s:
a) Spice Trade
b) Dances
c) Clothing
d) Tea

The Crimean War revealed what about the Russians?
a) They could defeat the British navy
b) Their military strength
c) Their military weakness
d) That the Russians were determined to get a warm water port

Muhammad Ali, the Egyptian leader, brought Egypt:
a) Brought Egypt into the international market
b) Taught Egyptians how to box
c) Reformed the Islamic religion
d) An agricultural revolution

Which event allowed for imperialism, especially of Africa, to fully begin:
a) The Renaissance
b) Great Depression
c) The Industrial Revolution
d) Cold War

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