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Define spree killing.
a) Killing several people at one time in one location
b) Killing individuals that fit a certain profile
c) Committing a series of murders over a period of time in relation to a particular event
d) Killing people at shopping mall

Which of the following describes a mass killing?
a) Kill a large number of people in one setting at one time
b) Killing of individuals at different times in different locations
c) Killing only a specific type of person in a specific way
d) Kill a small number of people in several locations in a short time period

Most perpetrators of spree and mass killings are:
a) White men
b) White women
c) African American men
d) Hispanic men

What is the general outcome of mass murders?
a) Arrest
b) Escape
c) Suicide or suicide by cop
d) Nothing

We watched a video on the Virginia Tech massacre. Who was the perpetrator of the attack?
a) Baruch Goldstein
b) Timothy McVeigh
c) Charles Starkweather
d) Seung-Hui Cho

Which of the following is the definition of kidnapping?
a) the taking away or transportation of a person against the person’s will, usually to hold the person in false imprisonment
b) stealing someone’s identity
c) abducting someone for at least one year.
d) taking a child due to a mental illness

Why do people kidnap?
a) Profit
b) Custodial
c) To commit another crime
d) All of the above

How does someone profit from kidnapping?
a) They make money for every victim abducted
b) Through ransom or by selling the victim
c) They profit when police pay them for finding them
d) The Lord provides.

Identify the term that is used to explain the series of psychological symptoms that occur in people that are abducted or held hostage, in which they develop feelings of attachment to their captor.
a) Depression
b) Multiple Personality Disorder
c) Stockholm Syndrome
d) Captivity Love

What is a factor that will lead to stockholm syndrome?
a) Care or compassion from the abductor
b) Adoption
c) Sexual abuse
d) Short period of time in captivity

There are three different “types” of kidnappers. Identify one.
a) Religious
b) Parent
c) Stranger
d) Neighbor

Which of the following is the definition of virtual kidnapping?
a) A person is stalked online
b) A person is abducted by someone they meet online
c) The perpetrators take someone’s identity
d) The perpetrators wait until a person is unreachable by family and friends, and then contact their family for ransom

Jaycee Dugard spent ___________ years captive.
a) 18
b) 24
c) 9
d) 4

All of the following are reasons Jaycee didn’t escape her captors, EXCEPT:
a) Fear
b) She loved Phillip like a husband
c) Her daughters
d) She wasn’t sure if anyone was really looking for her anymore

Jaycee and her daughters lived where during her captivity?
a) In the woods
b) In a tent in Phillip's backyard
c) The basement
d) In the crawl space

How were Jaycee and her daughters finally rescued?
a) Someone recognized Jaycee on the street
b) One of her daughters became deathly ill
c) She accompanied Philip to the police station after campus police notified them about a sex offender with young girls
d) She broke through the front door and waved to a neighbor for help

Why did Philip and Nancy take the plea deal?
a) To save Jaycee and her daughters from having to testify
b) To not have as much time in jail
c) To stay out of the media attention.
d) They knew they were guilty

Elizabeth Smart was the 2nd child of six in a wealthy family in Utah. After she was released she stated that her religion got her through her nine months of captivity. What religion is she?
a) Catholic
b) Muslim
c) Jewish
d) Mormon

Brian David Mitchell believed he was a prophet named…
a) Isaiah
b) Immanuel
c) John
d) Jesus

The night that Elizabeth was kidnapped, Brian made her what?
a) His 2nd wife
b) His daughter
c) His assistant
d) His slave

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