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What was the message of Common Sense?
a) To remain loyal to the king.
b) That the war was not worth it.
c) That the king could not be forgiven.
d) That they should declare their independence from Britain.

Who wrote Common Sense?
a) George Washington
b) Patrick Henry
c) Thomas Paine
d) John Smith

What document was written that announced that the thirteen colonies would be a free and independent country?
a) The Declaration of Independence
b) The Treaty of Paris
c) The Writs of Assistance
d) The Committees of Correspondence

What privately owned merchant ships with weapons on board called?
a) Navy ships
b) Battleships
c) Pontoon boats
d) Privateers

Which battle brought the war to an end?
a) Battle of Bunker Hill
b) Battle of Breed's Hill
c) Battle of Yorktown
d) Battle of Saratoga

Who was the British commander at the Battle of Yorktown?
a) Cornwallis
b) Burgoyne
c) Washington
d) Jackson

Which of the following was NOT a reason that some colonists remained loyal to the king.
a) They were loyal to the Anglican Church
b) The king supplied many jobs
c) People were afraid of the king's reaction.
d) People were paid to keep quiet.

Which treaty brought the Revolutionary War to an end?
a) The Olive Branch treaty
b) The Treaty of Versailles
c) The Treaty of Parris
d) The Peace Treaty

Where did Patriot forces endure a winter of terrible suffering?
a) Saratoga
b) Valley Forge
c) Philadelphia
d) Trenton

Which of the following countries did NOT join in the fighting with the colonists?
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) France
d) Patriots

Which battle is considered the turning point in the war and why?
a) Bunker Hill because even though many men were lost, the colonists won.
b) Saratoga, because France decided to help them.
c) Bunker Hill because the British gained a lot of territory.
d) Trenton, because the Hessians were not expecting the attack.

Which of the following was NOT a disadvantage that the British had?
a) Short on supplies
b) Far from home
c) Experienced soldiers
d) Didn't know the land

Which of the following was NOT an advantage that the Americans had in the war?
a) Knowledge of the land
b) Large army
c) Used Guerrilla warfare-style fighting
d) believed in their cause

When was the battle of Trenton?
a) The day after Thanksgiving, 1776.
b) The day after Christmas, 1776.
c) The day before Thanksgiving, 1776.
d) New Years' Eve, 1776

Why did the British want to attack Albany?
a) There was a large store of ammo there.
b) There were many politicians in Albany.
c) They meant to attack New York City but misread the orders they were given.
d) They wanted to cut off New England colonies from the Middle colonies.

What does it mean if you boycott something?
a) You refuse to buy it.
b) You purchase it as a gift.
c) You sell it only to men.
d) You have to pay a tax on it first.

Who was the leader of the Sons of Liberty?
a) Sam Adams
b) Patrick Henry
c) King George
d) George Washington

What did the king do in response to the Boston Tea party?
a) Sent a new shipment
b) Put the offenders in jail
c) Killed those that participated
d) Closed the Boston Harbor

What group protested and acted out against the king's taxes?
a) Daughters of the American Revolution
b) Sons of the American Revolution
c) Sons of Liberty
d) Committees of Correspondence

How did the king respond to the Olive Branch Petition?
a) He granted them their freedom.
b) He sent a fruit basket and a thank you note.
c) He laughed and sent more troops.
d) He became very angry and ordered the leaders' arrest.

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