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Which structure completes the circulatory pathway? heart - artery - ? - vein - heart
a) aorta
b) atrium
c) ventricle
d) capillary

Where does oxygen-rich blood go after leaving the lungs?
a) the brain
b) the heart
c) the kidney
d) the stomach

Carbon dioxide is produced as cells break down nutrients for energy. Which of the following pairs of systems would participate in removing the carbon dioxide from the body?
a) endocrine and circulatory
b) circulatory and respiratory
c) respiratory and endocrine
d) reproductive and excretroy

Mitochondria are used to produce energy for cells. Which type of cell would contain the most mitochondria?
a) fat cells
b) bone cells
c) red blood cells
d) muscle cells

What is the purpose of the aortic valve that separates the left ventricle from the aorta?
a) to prevent blood from flowing backwards into the left ventricle
b) to prevent blood from flowing into the aorta and out of the heart
c) to push blood into the left ventricle
d) to push blood into the aorta

The 4 main types of blood are
a) A, B, C, D
b) A, B, AB, X
c) 1, 2, 3, 4
d) A, B, AB, O

Cells that help fight disease are
a) platelets
b) red blood cells
c) lymph
d) white blood cells

Cell fragments that help blood clot are called
a) white blood cells
b) red blood cells
c) platelets
d) lymph

The heart pumps ____________ through blood vessels to parts of the body.
a) muscles
b) nerves
c) blood
d) air

Capillaries are part of which body system?
a) skeletal system
b) nervous system
c) digestive system
d) circulatory system

The terms gas exchange, diaphragm, and inhale are most closely associated with which system in the human body?
a) circulatory
b) digestive
c) excretory
d) respiratory

Which of the following is one of the functions of the human skeleton?
a) producing hormones
b) bringing gases into the body
c) removing waste from the body
d) providing a site for blood cell formation

In the human body, which of these systems transports sugars to the cells where they are used?
a) excretory
b) respiratory
c) circulatory
d) digestive

Which organ is part of the respiratory system?
a) brain
b) heart
c) lungs
d) stomach

Which of these directly allows blood cells to transport oxygen to various parts of the body?
a) carbon dioxide
b) hemoglobin
c) antibodies
d) platelets

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