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Where would you find detailed adjustment controls for a transition you have placed ion the timeline?
a) Effects Control
b) Project Panel
c) Markers Panel
d) History Panel

A(n) ______________ is the point in your Timeline where one clip ends and the next begins.
a) Handle
b) Marker
c) Playehead
d) Edit Point

The extra media in a source clip that is not used in the Timeline is called _________________.
a) Markers
b) Edit Points
c) Handles
d) Playhead

The visual clue on a clip that means you have reached the end of the clip, with no additional frames is a _________________.
a) Filmstrip on either side of the clip
b) Triangle in upper corner of the clip
c) Blue line on either side of clip
d) L bracket in bottom corner of clip

Video transitions can be found in the _______________ panel.
a) Effects
b) Markers
c) Projects
d) History

In Adobe Premiere Pro, what is the default transition time?
a) 24 frames
b) 30 frames
c) 2 seconds
d) 5 seconds

What happens when you drag a new transition from the Effects Panel on top of an existing transition?
a) It will replace the existing transition
b) It will combine the two transitions
c) It will play the 1st transition and then the 2nd transition
d) Nothing will change

What does a red line above a transition indicate?
a) The transition cannot be used
b) The default transition has been used
c) The transition needs to be rendered
d) The transition does not have enough handles to work properly

How do you apply a transition across multiple clips in a Timeline?
a) Select clips, choose sequence, apply default transition to selection
b) Select clips, drag transition from the Effects Panel to the Timeline
c) Select clips, right click, apply transition
d) Select two clips at a time and apply the transition

If one or both of your clips do not have enough handles to cover the duration of the transition, what does Adobe Premiere do?
a) Uses a freeze frame to extend the duration of the clip
b) Does nothing because the transition is not allowed
c) Changes the duration of the transition to 1 frame
d) None are correct

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