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The protein that moves needed substances or waste materials through the plasma membrane is:
a) transport protein
b) phospholipid bilayer
c) ion
d) facilitated diffusion

A membrane that allows some substances to pass through while keeping others out is:
a) selectively permeable
b) hypotonic
c) selectively impermeable
d) picky

The regulation of the internal environment of a cell or organism to maintain conditions suitable for life is:
a) homeostasis
b) hypertonic
c) hypotonic
d) dynamic equilibrium

The movement that requires carrier proteins is:
a) active transport
b) facilitated diffusion
c) osmosis
d) passive transport

The use of transport proteins to move other ions and smaller molecules across the plasma membrane is:
a) facilitated diffusion
b) osmosis
c) passive transport
d) active transport

If the concentration of solute outside the cell is higher than inside the cell and the plant is wilting you have a:
a) hypertonic solution
b) homeostasis
c) isotonic solution
d) hypotonic solution

The net movement of particles from an area where there are many particles fo the substance to an area where there are fewer particles of the substance is:
a) diffusion
b) facilitated diffusion
c) dynamic equilibrium
d) osmosis

The process where substances are deposited outside the cell is called:
a) exocytosis
b) endocytosis
c) equilbrium
d) ionic

When a cell is in a solution that has the same concentration of water and solutes you have what kind of solution:
a) isotonic solution
b) hypertonic solution
c) hypotonic solution
d) interesting solution

The process where a cell surrounds a substance and encloses then pinches it off and leaves the substance in the cell is called:
a) endocytosis
b) exocytosis
c) osmosis
d) homeostasis

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