Revolutionary War Test Review Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 27464)

American Revolutionary War.[print questions]

What was Benjamin Franklin's plan to unit the colonies against the French called?
a) Writs of Assistance
b) Albany Plan of Union
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Tories Petition

What did the Writs of Assistance allow?
a) Colonists to buy tea again.
b) Colonists to be paid for housing soldiers.
c) Officers could search for smuggled goods
d) The repeal of the Stamp Act.

Which act was repealed? (removed, reversed, cancelled)
a) Stamp Act
b) Sugar Act
c) Tea Act
d) Quartering Act

What did the king enforce in order to avoid conflict with the Natives?
a) Declaratory Act
b) Quartering Act
c) Boston Massacre
d) Proclamation Act

What did the Stamp Act place a tax on?
a) letters that were mailed
b) all printed pieces of paper
c) newpapers
d) shoes

What area was being fought over during the French and Indian War?
a) Ohio River Valley
b) Mississippi River
c) Canada
d) The Great Lakes

What did the Writs of Assistance do?
a) Forced colonists to pay a tax on paper goods
b) Forced colonists to pay a tax on food
c) Forced colonists to house soldiers in their homes
d) Allow officers to search for smuggled goods

Which Act taxed all imported goods?
a) Townshend Acts
b) Sugar Act
c) Stamp Act
d) Quartering Act

What land did Britain receive in the Treaty of Paris at the end of the French and Indian War?
a) Louisiana
b) What is now Wisconsin
c) The land east of the Mississippi River
d) Canada

Which of these things were NOT part of the Intolerable Acts/Coercive Acts?
a) Closed the port of Boston
b) Colonists were required to house soldiers in their homes
c) They were not allowed to have town meetinsg
d) They were not allowed to drink coffee

Which act said that England had the power to make all decisions for the colonies?
a) Declaratory Act
b) Proclamation Act
c) Townshend Acts
d) Quartering Act

What was the colonists last peaceful act to try to avoid war?
a) Treaty of Paris
b) Treaty of Versailles
c) Olive Branch Petition
d) Writs of Assistance

When was the first time that violence was used against the colonists?
a) Battle of Trenton
b) Boston Massacre
c) Lexington
d) Concord

Where were the first shots of the war fired?
a) Lexington and Concord
b) Boston
c) Philadelphia
d) Washington DC

What were people that were loyal to the king called?
a) Loyalists / Tories
b) Loyalists / Patriots
c) Patriots / Tories
d) Tories / Englishmen

What is propaganda?
a) guerrilla warfare
b) religious traditions
c) unfair taxes
d) an attempt to convince people to think a certain way

Why did the First Continental Congress meet?
a) Declare their freedom
b) Sue the King
c) Apologize for the Boston Tea Party
d) Petition the king regarding unfair treatment

Why did the King raise taxes on the colonists?
a) to pay off debt from the French and Indian War
b) because he was greedy
c) because he was angry that the colonists had left England
d) because they colonists had to pay back their passage to America

From which country were the Hessians?
a) Italy
b) Britain
c) Germany
d) Spain

Why were the British marching to Concord?
a) To cut off the Boston Harbor
b) To destroy ammunition stored by militias
c) To set up camp in Valley Forge
d) To show their superior military strength

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