Weathering Erosion And Deposition Review Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 27458)

What Processes Help To Shape Earth's Surface?[print questions]

When a large amount of material moves downslope over a curved surface.
a) creep
b) landslide
c) slump
d) rockfall

The best science teacher in the world!
a) Mr. Auriemma
b) Mrs. Esserwein
c) Ms. Crumpton
d) Mrs. Hunt

The rapid movement of a large amount of water mixing with soild and rock and flowing downhill.
a) mudflow
b) avalanche
c) quicksand
d) landslide

A ___________ happens when loose rocks fall down a steep slope.
a) mudflow
b) rock fall
c) avalanche
d) landslide

Antarctica is one of the largest _________ glaciers in the world.
a) valley
b) polar
c) continental
d) mountain

One type of glacier forms in the mountains from streams that flow downhill and widen into a giant U shape..
a) river glacier
b) continental glacier
c) iceberg glacier
d) valley glacier

Mounds of wind deposited sand are called...
a) mountains
b) dunes
c) ant hills
d) loess

________ can cause a tremendous amount of damage because of the energy released when they reach the shoreline.
a) sand
b) wind
c) hurricanes
d) earthquakes

Sea Stacks, sea arches, and headlands are all examples of __________ erosion.
a) tide
b) current
c) wind
d) wave

Waves can build up or break down the _________ along the coast.
a) docks
b) shoreline
c) rip tide
d) currents

Overflowing rivers can be controlled by barriers of sediment, sandbags, or concrete called _____.
a) drainage ditch
b) retaining wall
c) fence
d) levee

_______ helped to form the Grand Canyon.
a) Colorado River
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Mississippi River
d) Gulf of Mexico

Fan-shaped deposits that form when rivers empty into a large body of water, such as a lake or an ocean.
a) delta
b) alluvial fan
c) flood plain
d) loess

_____ help prevent wind erosion of soil by growing their roots deep into the soil.
a) leaves
b) plants
c) earthworms
d) moles

_____ are fan shaped deposits of sediment that form on dry land.
a) delta
b) alluvial fan
c) flood plain
d) loess

A ____ is the sudden and rapid movement of a large amount of material downslope.
a) landslide
b) mudflow
c) alluvial fan
d) delta

A type of plant that chemically weathers rocks when it produces acis that wear holes in the rock it is attached to.
a) oak
b) lichen
c) poison ivy
d) grass

A mole burrowing into the ground, breaking down rock and soil is an example of what kind of weathering?
a) Mechanical Weathering
b) Chemical Weathering
c) Differential Weathering
d) Weathering Weathering

What is it called when wind blows sand and silt against exposed rock?
a) erosion
b) abrasion
c) chemical weathering
d) oxidation

The extremely slow movement of material downslope is called...
a) landslide
b) rock fall
c) creep
d) tip toe

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