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Knowing about chemical properties can help in identifying
a) protons and neutrons
b) mixtures and solutions
c) nuclei and atoms
d) elements and compounds

Ash is a new substance formed when
a) a fruit turns moldy
b) pyrite comes into contact with acid
c) wood is burned
d) food is digested

What is a mixture?
a) when two or more substances combine but can be taken back apart
b) Food that is made of 4 or more different things
c) a cake
d) when two or more substances combine and dissolve into each other

The physical property that describes how much a substance will bend is known as
a) bendability
b) elasticity
c) flexibilty
d) twisting

Rust occurs when what two elements combine with each other?
a) calcium and helium
b) Gold and Sulfur
c) iron and oxygen
d) Hydrogen and peroxide

An example of a change that is NOT a chemical change is
a) Batter baked into a cake
b) Green tomatoes turning red
c) Cut apples turning brown
d) Cucumbers tossed with lettuce for a salad

An example of a physical property is
a) It is blue
b) It can burn
c) It reacts with air
d) It reacts with acid

Lemonade is an example of
a) an element
b) a compound
c) a chemical
d) a solution

Which of these is an example of a compound?
a) rust
b) iron
c) Hydrogen
d) Calcium

When sodium and chlorine combine, they form
a) a solution
b) pepper
c) an element
d) salt

When two or more atoms join together, they form a
a) atom
b) model
c) combination
d) molecule

How many elements are on the periodic table
a) 70
b) just under 50
c) just over 100
d) 210

The particle in the atom that is found outside the nucleus is the
a) proton
b) neutron
c) electron
d) element

A substance that can be combined with baking soda to produce carbon dioxide is
a) peroxide
b) water
c) vinegar
d) salt

When the atoms of DIFFERENT elements combine to make a new substance, the substance is called a
a) molecule
b) compound
c) solution
d) carbon dioxide

A chart that classifies elements by their properties is a
a) element chart
b) periodic table
c) atom card
d) solution and mixture formula

Matter has mass and takes up
a) solution
b) space
c) water
d) compound

The smallest unit of a compound is a
a) benchmark
b) molecule
c) proton
d) neutron

When a chemical reaction happens what will happen?
a) color will change
b) Smoke will occur
c) you can see light
d) all of the above

What is the chemical symbol for Gold?
a) G
b) Au
c) Ag
d) Go

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