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Chapter 4.[print questions]

What is an unwanted change in the environment caused by substances, such as wastes, or forms of energy, such as radiation.
a) pollution
b) biodiversity
c) hazardous waste
d) overpopulation

These includes wastes that can catch fire, eat through metal, explode, or make people sick.
a) hazardous wastes
b) critical wastes
c) renewable resources
d) non-renewable resources

This is an example of high-powered wastes.
a) radiation
b) noise
c) garbage
d) fossil fuels

This can be replaced at the same rate at which it is being used.
a) renewable resource
b) non-renewable resource
c) pollution
d) biodiversity

This cannot be replaced or can only be replaced over thousands or millions of years.
a) non-renewable resource
b) renewable resource
c) carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
d) overpopulation

An organism that makes a home for itself in a new place outside its native home.
a) exotic species
b) biodiversity
c) extinct
d) native

When the number of individuals becomes so large that the individuals can’t get the resources they need to survive.
a) overpopulation
b) deforestation
c) habitat destruction
d) sustainability

Where an organism lives is called this.
a) habitat
b) landfill
c) exotic location
d) biodiversity

The clearing of forests is known as this.
a) deforestation
b) overpopulation
c) preservation
d) ecology

The number and variety of organisms in an area.
a) biodiversity
b) overpopulation
c) pollution
d) deforestation

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