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Which of the following was not one of the major periods of Egyptian History
a) The Middle Kingdom
b) The New Kingdom
c) The Old Kingdom
d) The Kingdom of Ra

Which of the following was not an Egyptian monarch?
a) Cleopatra
b) Alexander the Great
c) Tutankamen
d) Amenhotep

Along what river did the Egyptian civilization develop?
a) The Nile
b) The Congo
c) The Zambezi
d) The Okovongo

What material did Egyptians develop to write and produce art on?
a) Vellum - Thinned Sheep skin
b) Papyrus - Paper made from a water plant
c) Woven Camel Hair tapestries
d) Paper made from the nesting material of the Scarab Beetle

Which of the following shows members of Egyptian society in the correct order social hierarchy from highest to lowest
a) Pharaoh, Vizier, Artisan, Scribe, Slave
b) Pharaoh, Artisan, Slave, Scribe, Vizier
c) Vizier, Scribe, Pharaoh, Artisan, Slave
d) Pharaoh, Vizier, Scribe, Artisan, Slave

Which of the following is NOT an explanation for the construction of pyramids discussed in clas
a) The pyramids were tombs for the pharaohs
b) The pyramids have many characteristics that seem indicate an understanding of electricity and other natural forces
c) The Pyramids were large forts. Rounded stones and logs were stored inside them to be rolled down the 4 sides at the enemy
d) There are still many unanswered mysteries about the pyramids that some say indicates alien involvment...but Mr. B doesnt sup

Which is the most accurate description of the government of ancient Egypt
a) Ancient Egypt was the first democracy
b) The Pharaoh ruled everything and went from city to city making all of the improtant decisions
c) The Pharaoh ruled the kingdom of Egypt through regional officials who answered to him
d) There was no official government in Ancient Egypt

Which of the following group were important in the social hierarchy as they had the duty to teach reading and writing?
a) Artisans
b) Nobles
c) Pharisees
d) Scribes

What was the title of the official who was the Pharaoh's representative and chief advisor?
a) Viscount
b) Vicar
c) Viceroy
d) Vizier

The symbols associated with Egyptian language are called
a) Cuneiform
b) Rosetta Symbols
c) Sanskrit
d) Hieroglyphics

Which of the following was the main medium of economic exchange for Ancient Egypt?
a) Grain
b) Cattle
c) Egyptian Deneers
d) Viziers

Which of the following was NOT an Egyptian God or Goddess?
a) Horus
b) Ra
c) Isis
d) Neptune

Meaning Many Gods, What term describes the Religion of Ancient Egypt?
a) Polytheistic
b) Monotheistic
c) Polydactyl
d) Monolithic

Avoiding this was a major theme in Egyptian Religion
a) Condemnation
b) Crocodiles
c) Chaos
d) Confusion

Which of the following is not an example of a cultural element of Ancient Egypt?
a) Although it changed over time Egypt had a long timeline of stable cultural development
b) There was very little connection between Egyptian culture and religion
c) Cats were highly respected in Egyptian Culture
d) Beauty and Hygiene were valued in Egyptian Culture and both men and women wore make up.

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