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The rise of the Mongol Empire resulted in all of the following EXCEPT
a) The spread of Christianity
b) An empire that extended across parts of Europe and Asia
c) An unsuccessful attempt to conquer Japan
d) The spread of the plague

Family and education are the key ideas to which religion?
a) Daoism
b) Buddhism
c) Confucianism
d) Sikhism

How did the Black Death affect medieval Europe?
a) It led to increase tolerance for Jews
b) It was quickly cured allowing for new medical advances
c) it allowed the Church to gain more power
d) It caused a large population decline and social instability

What was Genghis Khan's major achievement?
a) He allowed for Muslims to control world trade.
b) He spread Christianity into Europe.
c) He united the tribes of Mongolia and created an empire
d) He created the samurai warriors

How did Europeans and Muslims interact during the Middle Ages?
a) They never interacted
b) Muslims conquered all of Europe
c) Muslims and Europeans created false views about the other
d) Europeans wanted to educate Muslims in their universities

Which religion originated in the Byzantine Empire?
a) Islam
b) Eastern Orthodox Christianity
c) Judaism
d) Buddhism

What was a major impact of the Crusades?
a) They led to the fall of the Song Dynasty
b) an increase in trade between Europe and Asia
c) The end of Serfdom in Europe
d) Peace among all religions

Who did the Pope want to the Holy Land from during the Crusades?
a) Chinese
b) Indians
c) Muslims
d) Byzantines

What was a major impact of the Hundred Years War?
a) England forever controlled France
b) The Black Death was cured
c) The Renaissance began
d) New weapons reduce the importance of knights

Which was NOT invented by the Tang and Song Dynasties?
a) Stirrup
b) Gunpowder
c) Compass
d) Paper Money

Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo were both travelers and their books caused people to do what?
a) Want to explore other cultures
b) Convert to Islam
c) Convert Africa to Christianity
d) Adopt the ideas of Daoism

What was an effect of the Mongol Empire on Russia?
a) Creation of Sanskirt
b) Confucianism becoming the official religion
c) Japan taking over Russia
d) People being able to trade and travel from one end of the empire to the other

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