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Perceptual differences should be used for what?
a) to make differences obvious
b) for color
c) to make entertaining
d) none of the above

Graphics on a slide should consist of what?
a) related to information on slide and one is better than too many
b) should be placed in the left corner of the slide
c) should have at least 3 graphics on each slide
d) none of the above

Source used to find more interesting vocabulary
a) thesaurus
b) encyclopedia
c) atlas
d) dictionary

Resource that is best to find brief facts of information on a topic
a) almanac
b) atlas
c) encyclopedia
d) dictionary

Which word meaning clue is a familiar saying that is not literal
a) adage
b) synonymn
c) antonym
d) definition

Which word meaning clue is a single word with opposite meaning?
a) antonymn
b) adage
c) synonym
d) dictionary

What is the key ingredient to a successful presentation?
a) preparation
b) interesting topic
c) loud enough speaking voice
d) long enough presentation

What things indicate if a website is credible?
a) The author is credible and the article is free from bias
b) The author works at a university
c) The article is at least two pages in length
d) none of the above

The suggested number of items for a list on a slide
a) 4
b) 2
c) 8
d) 6

Name of phobia related to public speaking
a) glossophobia
b) speakphobia
c) presenphobia
d) talkophobia

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