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Informative writing is used to
a) tell a story
b) be funny
c) present information
d) give only opinions

climate is...
a) the weather in a specific place
b) a type of dance
c) accepting other cultures
d) none of the above

which of these is NOT a credible source
a) interviewing an expert in that field
b) reading an academic journal on the topic
c) asking your little sister
d) an encyclopedia

what is the formula for a thesis statement?
a) Thesis + ideas = opinion
b) opinion + 3 supporting details = thesis
c) fact + opinion = thesis
d) a + b = c

An indirect quote is different from an in-text citation because:
a) an indirect quote is more important
b) an indirect quote is wrong
c) an indirect quote summarizes instead of copying word for word
d) none of the above

when you take direct words from another person's source you must have
a) quotation marks
b) a thesis statement
c) plagiarism
d) copyright

which of the following is NOT a credible source for research
a) an encyclopedia
b) a person's diary
c) a website ending in .org
d) a book from the library

What does C stand for in RACE
a) cry
b) cat
c) cite
d) conclusion

What goes in the parenthesis for an in-text citation of a book
a) just the page number
b) book title and page number
c) authors first name
d) authors last name and page number

what word means a long-established way of thinking or acting?
a) songs
b) diversity
c) traditions
d) dances

people from other parts of the world have different beliefs and customs that make up their
a) country
b) home
c) culture
d) ideas

Stealing information from another person and passing it off as one's own
a) copyright
b) credible
c) plagiarism
d) bias

acceptance of another person's beliefs, values, and differences
a) tolerance
b) distrust
c) uncertainty
d) thoughtfulness

A law that protects songs, movies, and books from being copied by another person
a) thesis statement
b) plagiarism
c) copyright
d) credible

A source that is worthy of belief or value
a) bias
b) opinion
c) evidence
d) credible

an unreasonable opinion to influence a decision
a) bias
b) facts
c) thesis statement
d) informative

A page at the end of an essay that lists the sources used for research in the essay
a) Credible
b) Works cited page
c) research
d) bias

words or phrases that help move from one idea to another
a) credible
b) opinions
c) transitions
d) none of the above

that which proves or disproves something
a) evidence
b) bias
c) works cited page
d) Judge Judy

What term refers to a style of writing that provides factual information?
a) opinion
b) informative
c) unreasonable
d) narrative

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