Southwest Asia Unit Test Review Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 27424)

Southwest Asia Unit Test Review Part 2.[print questions]

This is a tax on imported goods:
a) tariff
b) quota
c) embargo
d) export

This is a restriction on the amount of a good that can be imported:
a) tariff
b) quota
c) embargo
d) export

This forbids trade with another country
a) tariff
b) quota
c) embargo
d) export

What organization was formed in 1960 by 5 oil-rich countries?
a) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
b) Organization of Petroleum Importing Countries (OPIC)
c) Countries Selling Oil (CSO)
d) Countries With Oil For Sale (CWOFS)

The type of money used by a country is called
a) bank deposits
b) dollars
c) currency
d) conversion

When a company educates and trains its people, it is:
a) investing in natural resources
b) investing in transportation
c) investing in infrastructure
d) investing in human capital

When a country invests in transportation systems and power plants, it is:
a) Investing in natural resources
b) Investing in capital
c) Investing in entrepreneurship
d) Investing in human capital

A country with crumbling bridges and damaged roads is demonstrating a
a) Lack of human capital investment
b) Lack of entrepreneurs
c) Lack of capital investment
d) Lack of food

This person has an idea for a good or service and takes the risks to produce it:
a) money manager
b) investor
c) banker
d) entrepreneur

What large empire broke up after World War 1?
a) Roman Empire
b) Arabic Empire
c) Ottoman Empire
d) Aztec Empire

Which 2 countries divided the Middle East into countries after World War 1?
a) Britain and France
b) Britain and Canada
c) France and Germany
d) Italy and Portugal

A major conflict in the Middle East is between Arab states and
a) Israel
b) Iraq
c) Iran
d) Turkey

During World War 2, 6 million Jews were killed in what is called the:
a) Generation of Genocide
b) Apartheid
c) Night of Broken Glass
d) Holocaust

The movement to unite displaced Jews and settle them in Palestine was called:
a) Zionism
b) Anti-Semitism
c) Homecoming
d) Irrigation

Who wanted to rid the world of 'its Jewish problem'?
a) Osama bin Laden
b) Saddam Hussein
c) Adolf Hitler
d) Zionists

Prejudice against Jews is known as:
a) Anti-Semitism
b) Zionism
c) Imperialism
d) Apartheid

Which country did Saddam Hussein rule?
a) Kuwait
b) Afghanistan
c) Iraq
d) Israel

Iraq invaded Kuwait and international forces joined to help Kuwait in this war:
a) Vietnam War
b) Korean War
c) Persian Gulf War
d) Sunni/Shiite War

When did terrorists attack the World Trade Center in New York City?
a) 1999
b) 2005
c) 1980
d) 2001

What country did U.S. forces enter in 2001 to look for terrorist leader Osama bin Laden?
a) Iran
b) Israel
c) Kuwait
d) Afghanistan

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