Southwest Asia Unit Test Review Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 27422)

Southwest Asia Unit Test Review Part 1.[print questions]

What rivers are like twin rivers flowing through Turkey and Iraq?
a) Jordan and Tigris
b) Jordan and Euphrates
c) Tigris and Euphrates
d) Red and Jordan

What narrow waterway is an important shipping channel for oil?
a) Strait of Hormuz
b) Persian Gulf
c) Gaza Strip
d) Red Sea

What are the latitude and longitude of a point called?
a) degrees
b) coordinates
c) minutes
d) seconds

What are 3 major water problems in the Middle East?
a) too much ground water, aquifers, pollution
b) flooding, pollution, dams
c) water shortages, flooding, pollution
d) water shortages, unequal distribution, pollution

What are 3 main oil-producing Middle Eastern countries?
a) Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
b) Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia
c) Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia
d) Iran, Iraq, Turkey

Over the last 50 years, residents have been leaving the nomadic life to live here:
a) cities
b) oases
c) farms
d) villages

Efficient rapid transit systems would help solve these transportation problems:
a) crowded roads and water pollution
b) too many bikers and walkers
c) crowded roads and air pollution
d) donkeys and camels on the road

What are groups identified on the basis of religion, race, or national origin?
a) religious groups
b) ethnic groups
c) Kurds
d) Jews

What ethnic group lives in the mountains of Turkey and Iraq?
a) Jews
b) Kurds
c) Shiites
d) Sunnis

What group is both an ethnic group and a religious group?
a) Jews
b) Arabs
c) Muslims
d) Persians

What are 3 prominent religions in the Middle East?
a) Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity
b) Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism
c) Persian, Islam, Judaism
d) Judaism, Islam, Christianity

Where do almost all Middle Eastern Jews live?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Turkey
c) Iran
d) Israel

What are 2 major groups of Muslims
a) Sunnis and Persians
b) Sunnis and Shiites
c) Arabs and Christians
d) Kurds and Jews

There is usually a high correlation between the standard of living and:
a) the price of oil
b) the literacy rate
c) religion
d) population

The State of Israel was established in:
a) 1802
b) 1980
c) 1948
d) 1600

A government that is controlled by a religious leader is a:
a) democracy
b) monarchy
c) theocracy
d) parliamentary system

Examples of human rights and personal freedoms would be
a) right to vote and choose employment
b) right to read and vote
c) unfair trials and punishments
d) right to eat and sleep

What 2 challenges does Israel face in building its economy?
a) a shortage of tourists and food
b) national security and immigration
c) national security and nuclear waste
d) immigration and food shortages

The government controls everything in this type of economy:
a) market
b) traditional
c) command
d) mixed

What type of economy does Israel have?
a) parliamentary
b) traditional
c) command
d) market

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