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Which best describes how the Middle East's vast supply of oil has impacted the region since the 1950s?
a) It has lowered the standard of living in the region
b) It has encouraged the growth of democracy in the region
c) It has slowed down the process of industrialization in the region
d) It has encouraged foreigners to compete for influence in the region

How is the Supreme Leader of Iran's government chosen today?
a) The people of Iran vote and directly elect the Supreme Leader
b) A small assembly of religious experts selects the Supreme Leader
c) The current leader chooses who will rule the country next
d) The Supreme Leader is chosen by members of the legislature

In which Southwest Asia nation does the leader inherit power through birth?
a) Islamic Republic of Iran
b) State of Israel
c) Lebanon
d) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A representative of OPEC would be concerned with the price of
a) oil
b) coal
c) wheat
d) gold

Who rules Saudi Arabia?
a) a king
b) a popularly elected president
c) The representative government
d) a small group of leading religious leaders

What is the name of the legislature in Israel?
a) Senate
b) Knesset
c) Congress
d) House of Representatives

Which country can be described as having an autocratic government (1 ruler with all the power).
a) Iran
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Israel
d) All of the above

Industrial development has led to worldwide dependence on which region for sources of fuel?
a) Eastern Asia
b) Middle East
c) North America
d) South America

In which country's government does religion play a major role?
a) Only Saudi Arabia
b) Only Israel
c) Both Israel and Iran
d) Both Iran and Saudi Arabia

What kind of economy does Israel have?
a) Mostly command
b) Mixture of command and traditional
c) Mostly market with some government control
d) Pure market with no government involvement

Oil tankers leaving the Persian Gulf must pass through this narrow waterway in order to reach the Arabian Sea
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) Red Sea
c) Suez Canal
d) Strait of Hormuz

What manmade waterway connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea?
a) Strait of Hormuz
b) Suez Canal
c) Jordan River
d) The Sahel

Iran's government can best be described as a
a) theocracy
b) monarchy
c) dictatorship
d) parliamentary democracy

How is the leader of Israel's government chosen?
a) elected directly by the citizens
b) he/she inherits the right to rule
c) chosen by religious experts
d) chosen by members of the parliament

The 3 main water problems facing the Middle East are:
a) flooding, pollution, dams
b) irrigation, dams, flooding
c) scarcity, pollution, unequal distribution
d) rain storms, pollution, irrigation

Which country's economic system is closest to command?
a) Israel
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Iran
d) United States

Which of these are the 3 major oil producing nations of the Middle East?
a) Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia
b) Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait
c) Iraq, Iran, Turkey
d) Afghanistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has encouraged the development of industries other than oil in an attempt to:
a) raise more money for the royal family
b) encourage entepreneurship
c) strengthen the country's education system
d) Make the Saudi Arabian economy more diverse

Which phrase defines the term desalination?
a) Taking salt out of salt water
b) Taking minerals out of the Earth
c) Taking people out of their homelands
d) Taking oil from the ground

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