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Of the following, which best describes a republic?
a) A government in which one person controls the government.
b) A government in which the people elect some officials via voting.
c) A government in which God controls the government through priests
d) A government in which small furry animals control the government.

In the Roman assembly, people voted as...
a) A group based on wealth
b) A group based on gender
c) A group based on race
d) An individual

The process of achieving political office in Rome was called..
a) The Cursus Honorum
b) The Equites
c) The Imperium
d) The Lictors

Which group in Rome offered advice to the Assembly?
a) The Magistrates
b) The Senate
c) The Tribunes of the Plebs
d) The Kings

Who is the leader of a Province?
a) King
b) Consul
c) Proconsul
d) Censor

Who could be a member of the Plebian Assembly?
a) A male Plebian
b) A female Plebian
c) A male Patrician
d) Male and Female Plebians

Of the following, which was NOT a way to become a Roman citizen?
a) Be born to two married Roman citizens
b) Be a slave who is freed by his Roman master
c) Be given a special dispensation
d) Buy citizenship at a fixed price from a Quaestor

Of the following, who is not considered to have influenced Rome?
a) Etruscans
b) Greeks
c) Gauls
d) Italics

Who killed Julius Caesar?
a) Tiberius Graccus, in Gaul
b) Several Senators of Rome, in the Senate
c) Pompey, in Greece
d) Crassus, in Asia Minor

Name one problem that the Roman Republic faced, and solved
a) Too many slaves, which led to too many debt-farmers
b) The issue of tax farmers
c) The issue of legions being devoted to their commanders
d) None of these

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