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Policy that involves America's relations with other countries is called...
a) Foreign Policy
b) Social Policy
c) Domestic Policy
d) Economic Policy

President JFK responded to the Cuban Missile Crisis by....
a) Having a naval blockade stop Soviet ships from reaching Cuba.
b) Declaring detente with Russia.
c) Sending forces to siege German forces at the Battle of Normandy
d) Using code-breaking technology to win the Battle of Midway.

What government institution was created as a response to the Soviet launch of Sputnik?
c) FHA
d) SSA

Who has all of the power in a communist government?
a) The government.
b) The people.
c) The cities.
d) No one.

What subjects received increased funding and federal emphasis after the launch of Sputnik?
a) Math and Science
b) Social Studies and English
c) Foreign Language and Psychology
d) Sociology and Health Care Related Fields

Why did America enter the Korean War?
a) To stop the spread of communism.
b) To stop Ho Chi Minh from invading South Vietnam.
c) To help defend France from German aggression.
d) To protect Cuba from Spanish imperialism.

What peninsula did America fight to protect from communist control in the 1950's?
a) Korean
b) Florida
c) Iberian
d) Indochinese

Who was President during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
a) JFK
b) Lyndon Johnson
c) 'Ike' Eisenhower
d) Richard Nixon

What decade was the Korean War fought?
a) 1940's
b) 1950's
c) 1960's
d) 1970's

During the Cuban Missile Crisis who was the leader of the Soviet Union?
a) Stalin
b) Khruschev
c) Putin
d) Yeltsin

President Kennedy issued a naval blockade to stop the placement of what weapon in Cuba?
a) Nuclear Weapons
b) Chemical Weapons
c) Machine Gun Artillery
d) Cyber Warfare Encryption Codes

What theory states that one country becoming communist makes neighboring countries more likely to become communist?
a) Domino
b) Brinkmanship
c) Containment
d) Ultimatum

The strategy of stopping the spread of communism around the world is called...
a) Containment
b) Exclusionism
c) Isolationism
d) The Monroe Doctrine

During the Cold War, which of the following best explains American foreign policy strategy?
a) Our goal was to stop the spread of communism around the world.
b) Our goal was to defeat Nazi Germany and Hitler
c) Our goal was to stop the spread of terrorism and Al-Qaeda
d) Our goal was to protect Cuba from Spanish interference.

The Soviet Union attempted to put nuclear missiles in which country?
a) Cuba
b) Mexico
c) Germany
d) France

Russia launched what artificial satellite into space first?
a) Sputnik
b) Khrushchev
c) Boris
d) Tuskegee

The government focused on math and science education MORE because of what historical event?
a) The launching of Sputnik into space.
b) The construction of the Berlin Wall
c) The collapse of the monarchy in Russia
d) The destruction of the USS Maine

What type of economy lets the government make all economic decisions?
a) Command
b) Market
c) Free Enterprise
d) Traditional

What country is most identified with Communism?
a) The Soviet Union (Russia)
b) Mexico
c) France
d) Germany

Who was the communist leader of China?
a) Mao Zedong
b) Ho Chi Minh
c) Ngo Dinh Diem
d) Nikhita Khruschev

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