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Which is not a right of a citizen?
a) Vote
b) Form contracts
c) Get married
d) Serve in the auxillaries

Aldrec the Gaul wants to marry Lucretia the Roman. Is this allowed?
a) Yes
b) No, he is too young
c) No, he is not a citizen
d) No, he is not a member of the military

Sparticon the Slave is freed by his master, Maldred. What does Sparticon become? What must he wear?
a) A citizen, a hat
b) A citizen, slippers
c) A non-citizen, a hat
d) A non-citizen, slippers

Marcus the Roman has a child with Livia, who is not his wife. Is the child a citizen? Why or why not?
a) Yes, they are both Roman
b) Yes, he is a Roman citizen
c) No, they are not married
d) No, he is a plebian

Ptolemus the Patrician Roman dies. He has no male children, but one female daughter, Agripina. What happens to his property?
a) It goes to the Senate
b) It goes to his daughter
c) It goes to his nearest male relative
d) It goes to the Consuls

Marcus the Plebian Roman and Aldrec the Gaul both go to join the Legion, and both want to be legionnaires. To which part of the legion is each assigned
a) Both to the Legion
b) Both to the auxillaries
c) Marcus to the Auxillaries, Aldrec to the Legion
d) Marcus to the Legion, Aldrec to the Auxillaries

Veii, a Latin city, signs a treaty to become a vassal state (controlled) by the Romans. What will happen to the magistrates of the town?
a) They become citizens
b) They are put to death
c) They become slaves
d) They remain made non-Romans

Cerald the Gaul serves in the auxiliaries for twenty-seven years. Can he marry Lucretia the Roman? Why or why not?
a) No, he is not a citizen
b) No, she is a Roman woman
c) Yes, he is now a citizen
d) Yes, anyone can marry anyone

How can I become a Roman citizen?
a) Special Dispensation
b) Be born of two married Romans
c) Be the magistrate of a Latin town
d) All of the above

How long do I have to serve in the Auxillaries to become a Roman citizen?
a) 20
b) 25
c) 30
d) 10

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