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The Constitution of 1824 created the state of Coahuila and Texas. This merger of the two geographic regions eventually resulted in
a) an end to imiigrantion to the region
b) political tensions that divided the region
c) the spread of slavery further into Mexcico
d) increased conflicts with American Indian tribes

How did the State Colonization Law of 1825 contribute to the development of Texas?
a) It continued the empresario system in Texas
b) It allowed English to be spoken in schools in Texas
c) It granted Anglo settlers the right to establish schools
d) It transferred land from Mexican settlers to Anglo Settlers

Why did many Americans and Mexicans migrate to MExican Texas in the 1820's?
a) To gain religious freedon
b) to build missions and forts
c) to search for cities of gold
d) to find cheap land

Why were most Texas Land Grants located in east and central Texas?
a) Land in west and northwest Texas was claimed by France
b) American Indian tribes had been pushed out of these areas
c) It was a prime location for establishing plantations and ranches
d) Mexican officials wanted to settle areas closest to the US

Which filibuster was captured and executed in 1822 after leading an army to Nacogdoches and declaring texas independence from Spain?
a) Peter Bean
b) James Long
c) William MAgee
d) Philip Nolan

Why did Philip Nolan concern Spanish leaders in Mexico?
a) He was suspected of plotting to claim land in Texas for the US
b) He was known for spying on Spanish activities for French forces in Louisiana
c) He was responsible for stealing wild mustangs from norther Texas Prairies
d) He was thought to be helping pirates stash stolen gold along the Texas coast

The guiterrez-Magee Expedition was formed to
a) convince the US to support Mexico
b) Continue the rebellion started by Father Hidalgo
c) suppress any attempts by settlers to rebel in Texas
d) defend settlers from attacks from American Indians

Which of the following is a contribution of Stephen F. Austin to the development of Texas?
a) He established Galveston Bay.
b) He explored the Rio Grande and West Texas
c) He helped draft the Mexican Constitution of 1824
d) He founded the first large Anglo Colony in Texas

How did Anglo colonization of Texas differ from Spanish colonization of Texas
a) Anglo settlers helped to build missions and presidios
b) Anglo settlers followed empresarios with land grants
c) Anglo settlers colonized along the border with Mexico
d) Anglo settlers hoped to clain land for the US

During the Mexican war of Independence, the battle of Medina resulted in-
a) victory for the Republican Army
b) arrests of many revolutionary fighters
c) calls for the fillibusters to invade Texas
d) defeat of the Guiterrez magee expedition

What Tejano rancher represented Texas at the Mexican Constitutional Convention, located for the first Austin Colony, and eventually supported Texas Independence?
a) De Leon
b) Jose Ruiz
c) Lorenzo De Zavala
d) Erasmo Seguin

An american empresario, Green Dewitt was able to -
a) negotiate a treaty with the American Indian Tribes
b) establish a colony near what is present-day Gonzales
c) Continue the work that Moses Austin had started in Texas
d) join with Martin De Leon doubling the size of his land holdings

While the Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824 created a representative government in MExico, it specifically restricted people's right to
a) own private property
b) start small businesses
c) freely practice any religion
d) settle north of the rio grande

The year 1821 is important in the history of Texas because it was the year that----
a) Austin was established as the capital of Texas
b) Moses Austin received permission to settle in Texas
c) Juan Seguin migrated to Texas with Mexican Settlers
d) Spain Granted independence to the colony of mexico

One major change that occurred in Texas society during the Mexican National Era includes----
a) introduction of cattle ranching
b) establishment of Anglo settlements
c) fighting of the American Revolution
d) Conversion of American Indian tribes

___________ paved the way for Anglo American Colonization of Texas but passed away before actually bringing settlers.
a) Stephen F Austin
b) Moses Austin
c) Green Dewitt
d) Antonio Martinex

On September 16, 1810 _______________ issued a call for freedom from Spain.
a) Gutierrez
b) Magee
c) Hidalgo
d) Morelos

All of the following are ways that some Tejanos have maintained their cultural heritage while adapting to American culture except-
a) Some cook the foods of their heritage as well as enjoy American Hot dogs at baseball games
b) some infused the English language with words and phrases of their culture
c) All have abandoned an agricultural lifestyle
d) Some celebrate holidays from Mexico as well as American Holidays

In which region were most successful land grants in Texas located?
a) Mountain basin region
b) Coastal Plains
c) Great Plains
d) Central Plains

As a result of the efforts of empresarios, how did the population of Texas change during the Mexican National Era?
a) Indentured servants from Europe moved to Texas
b) Enslaved African Americans were brought to Texas
c) Mexican settlers outnumbered Anglo settlers in Texas
d) Migrants from Europe populated Texas in Large numbers

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