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Organelle in plants responsible for making food using a process called photosynthesis
a) xylem
b) chloroplast
c) pigments
d) leaves

light absorbing molecules in the chloroplast which gives plants color
a) pigments
b) chloroplast
c) xylem
d) phloem

PLants appear green because of this pigment
a) leaves
b) stems
c) pigments
d) chlorophyll

Most photosynthesis occurs in the
a) roots
b) stem
c) leaves
d) thorns

roots are necessary for
a) transporting food of the plant
b) anchoring plants to the ground and transporting water
c) tranporting water to the plant
d) anchoring plants to the ground and making food

carbon dioxide and oxygen enter a plant through structures in the leaves called
a) stomata
b) xylem
c) phloem
d) chloroplast

tube in plant that only transports water
a) leaves
b) phloem
c) xylem
d) stomata

which structure is responsible for transporting food made in leaves throughout the plant
a) leaves
b) phloem
c) xylem
d) stomata

If the underside (bottom) of a leaf was dipped in wax what could not occur?
a) photosynthesis could not occur
b) water could not enter
c) oxygen could not enter and carbon dioxide could not be released
d) carbon dioxide could not enter and oxygen could not be released

a malfunction in this structure would not allow the plant to transport water
a) phloem
b) xylum
c) stomata
d) chloroplast

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