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When an entire species is no longer on Earth
a) endangered
b) reproduction
c) instinct
d) extinct

A relationship that lasts over time like a butterfly anf flower
a) Symbiosis
b) Parasitism
c) Commensalism
d) Mutualism

Heartworms in the bloodstream of an animal
a) Parasitism
b) Instinct
c) Commensalism
d) Reproduction

A species that has few of its kind left
a) Extinct
b) Mutualism
c) Endangered
d) Symbiosis

Inherited behavior that is automatic
a) Extinct
b) Instinct
c) Mutualism
d) Symbiosis

A relationship that benefits one organism and has no effect on the other like a hermit crab using the shell of a dead snail
a) Mutualism
b) Commensalism
c) Reporduction
d) Symbiosis

A relationship between two organisms that benefits both like the relationship between a clownfish and a sea anemone
a) Commensalism
b) Parasitism
c) Mutualism
d) Symbiosis

Organisms making offspring
a) Reproduction
b) Symbiosis
c) Mutualism
d) Endangered

A process of change in the development of a butterfly
a) Adaptation
b) Reproduction
c) Metamorphosis
d) Instinct

What adaptations does an anteater have that help it survive?
a) Long tongue to help it eat and curved paws to help it walk
b) Curved paws to help it walk and fur to hide from enemies
c) Long tongue to help it eat and teeth to kill prey
d) Fur to hide from enemies and fangs to eat

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