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What does it mean to paraphrase a text?
a) Make a text shorter.
b) Split the text up into paragraphs.
c) Write a summary.
d) Put the text into your own words.

Which sense does this sentence appeal to? The sand was so hot; it burned the bottoms of my feet.
a) Sight
b) Taste
c) Hearing
d) Feelings/Touch

Which one of the following is written in first person?
a) Mr. Smith thought that he was the best teacher.
b) I am the best teacher.
c) Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones think they are the best teachers.
d) The students did not agree.

What is the climax of a story.
a) The resolution.
b) The rising action of a story.
c) The most exciting part of the story.
d) The end of a story.

What is the tone of a text?
a) How you feel (emotions) when you read something.
b) How the author feels about the piece of writing.

What is the theme of a text?
a) The conflict in the story.
b) The time and place a story takes place.
c) The climax of a story.
d) The life lesson of the story, what the author wants you to learn.

Which one below is NOT a type of conflict we talked about?
a) Man vs Man
b) Man vs Animal
c) Man vs Nature
d) Man vs self

Which one is NOT a point-of-view we learned?
a) First Person
b) Second Person
c) Third Person Limited
d) Third Person Omniscient

What is the mood of a text?
a) How you feel (emotions) when you read something.
b) How the author feels about the piece of writing.

In a play, what do stage directions do?
a) They tell the actors in a play what to say.
b) They tell the actors in a play what actions to do.
c) They tell the audience of a play what to do.
d) They don't do anything.

What is dialogue in a play?
a) It is the theme of a play.
b) It tells the actors in a play what to do.
c) It is the lines an actor says in a play.
d) It is the setting of a play.

What is a playwright?
a) A person who writes poems.
b) A person who writes instruction manuals.
c) A person who wants to wright.
d) A person who writes plays.

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